Norner is a team of highly experienced plastics experts, with a wide range of advanced facilities for polymer processing and testing. Our technology centre was established in 1977 and converted to a private development institute and test centre in 2007. We build on our expertise in this field and offer R&D related services to the offshore and petrochemical industries.

Plastics for the offshore industry

We are engaged in product development, research projects, quality assurance, third-party testing, inspections and consulting through the entire plastics value chain. Our labs include advanced test facilities and process pilots with ISO 9001 approval and Achilles qualifications.

We conduct durability testing, as well as exposure and compatibility testing in various media. We have a separate lab for failure analysis of both polymer and metallic materials and can offer expert witness services. Our product and component testing facilities form part of our material and analytical test centre, where we also carry out chemical and polymer analytics.

Product and material failure analysis

Product and material failure causes huge costs in repair, replacement, down time and staff involvement. Norner has the competence, equipment and resources required to investigate product and material failures, document the causes and provide conclusive reports with proposed solutions.

Norner has a wide range of advanced facilities for polymer processing and testing.
We offer R&D related services to the offshore and petrochemical industries.
Norner investigates product failures and proposes solutions.
We carry out material testing and complex catalytic gas process simulations.
Our facilities comply with ISO and NORSOK testing standards.
Norner’s specialised microscopy lab successfully supports the offshore industry.

Our specialised microscopy lab successfully supports the offshore industry. We serve our customers in a personalised way and enjoy working with our international clients.

Fatigue testing and lifetime prediction

Failures caused by poor material selection or poor design can be avoided by understanding how the material is influenced by its operational environment. Fatigue testing is an important area of analysis for the oil and gas industry, and is primarily used to predict the lifetime of components. The influence of heat, chemicals, different climates and UV radiation on fatigue properties can also be studied.

Our instruments impose cyclic loads on test samples until a fatigue crack starts to grow and, for instance, an S-N curve can be created. This curve illustrates how many cycles a sample can withstand at any given cyclic stress range.

Exposure testing for offshore applications

Norner has modern test facilities for exposure testing, which comply with ISO and NORSOK standards for the testing of non-metallic materials in contact with media related to the oil and gas industry.

We have established a range of methods whereby products and sample specimens are exposed to different kinds of environments. This includes natural factors, such as sunlight (UV), temperature and humidity, or more extreme environments of mechanical stress and fatigue, chemical exposure or ageing at high pressure and temperatures.

Norner conducts testing in accordance with the NORSOK M-710 qualification of non-metallic sealing materials and manufacturers. We can similarly test according to ISO 23936-1 parts 1 and 2. We also offer NORSOK M-501 pre-qualification tests of protective coating materials, which include tests for determination of seawater immersion, ageing resistance and cathodic disbanding.

Plastic material development and consulting

Norner is active within plastics material development and research, technology and concept investigations, and problem solving and failure analysis. We have experience with polymer foams, heat insulation and conductivity. We support companies with developments and quality assurance in the field of buoyancy solutions for risers, pipes and seismic cables.

Our experts and labs can support material development to ensure sufficient service life in harsh environments, and conduct performance assessments of new solutions.

We help companies to increase their value through increased competence, technical documentation, process enhancement, product development and quality improvement.

We carry out material testing, complex catalytic gas process simulations and development of resources in plastic products. We also offer a wide range of advanced plastic and material laboratory testing, failure analysis and troubleshooting. We are known for our state-of-the-art equipment and qualified experts.

Our experience and broad test platform inspires customers to cooperate with us.