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Equipment Supply, Surplus Management, Asset Sales and Liquidation Services

Since 1995, Quipbrokers has specialised in equipment and material supply, surplus management, asset sales and liquidation services.

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Since 1995, Quipbrokers has specialised in equipment and material supply, surplus management, asset sales and liquidation services. Our equipment database covers the offshore, petroleum, drilling, subsea, ship and marine industries. It contains equipment for sale and for rent and equipment wanted. Most of the listings are for equipment or material that is surplus to the owner’s requirements with a new / unused status or used surplus. For buyers, the database helps to quickly locate available equipment and material for projects and operations.

Quipbrokers’ services are offered all over the world at no cost to clients until equipment or material has been sold. We can also supply used and unused equipment ‘as is’ or fully overhauled and certified (DNV, ABS, LRS) according to our customers’ requirements. Delivery can be made to any location in the world by air or sea freight.

Surplus equipment brokers

Quipbrokers can efficiently recover stored and idle assets:

  • We start the process by viewing the equipment and material and making an appraisal of the market value, performed without any costs or further commitments for the owner
  • If we think we can recover the value of the assets efficiently, we will respond with our proposed commercial terms and conditions for performing the job
  • If we are awarded the job, we will start the process of registering your equipment and material at our website and performing targeted marketing to our customers all over the world

Offshore asset recovery agents

If you allow us to list your equipment or material on our website, we will contact you if we locate a buyer. There is no upfront cost associated with this service. The purchase and sale process is based on common international trade terms and conditions.

New and used industrial equipment

Examples of equipment and material you may find listed are:

  • Offshore cranes and crane spare parts, drilling rigs and containers
  • Marine equipment: lifeboats, rescue boats, barges, anchors, mooring equipment
  • Pipeline equipment: pipe fittings, pipe-handling tools, well control, well-intervention equipment
  • Well-drilling equipment: bits, collars, pipe spinners, pipes, rigs, spools, casing and tubing, frac tanks
  • Generators: AC generators, gas generators, diesel generators
  • Winches: air winches, hydraulic winches
  • Valves and fittings: API valves, ANSI valves, ball joints, swivel joints, flex joints, slip joints
  • Pumps and pumping units: centrifugal pumps, water injection pumps, mud pumps, triplex pumps
  • Blowout preventers (BOP): annular BOP, BOP ram, BOP control systems
  • Engines and motors: diesel engines, gas engines, engine parts, electric motors, hydraulic motors, traction motors
  • Cementing units and forklift tractors

Global storage facilities

We can offer storage facilities for consigned equipment and material in several locations around the world. If required, our clients’ surplus material may be preserved and stored at these facilities.

Offshore Cranes

This white paper provides full details about Quipbrokers' offshore crane and workover well intervention equipment package.

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