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Digital Inspection and Documentation for the Offshore Industry

Inspectio is a Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution comprising a web portal and a mobile application.

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Inspectio is a Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution comprising a web portal and a mobile application. The web portal is primarily for admin users and personnel involved in planning and coordination.

Accessible through any web browser with an internet connection, it provides an overview of clients’ assets stored in the Inspectio equipment database and displays ongoing projects. Users can focus on specific assets and even share access with Inspectio partners such as third-party inspection companies.

Within the web portal, users can dive deeper into specific assets, which are organised into three main tabs. Set up your inspection scopes in a matter of minutes, explore your progress, results, and reports, and get a full overview of your equipment. The dynamic view of equipment data combined with a location hierarchy featuring drawings and location markers makes it easy to look up, identify, and find the equipment data you need.

Effective asset documentation and inspection

Asset owners are no strangers to the complexity of managing equipment, especially when it involves inspecting equipment in the offshore industry in compliance with various technical standards. Inspectio’s SaaS solution is the ultimate answer.

Keep track of your inspection project progress and finding with our project dashboard. Separate progress view pr location.
Relevant inspection items presented to the inspector through our inspection wizard. Document findings with status, comments and photos.
Quick overview of ongoing inspection projects, and progress, on your asset with the Inspectio mobile application. Both online and offline.
Field access to all inspection tasks – completed, in progress and not started.
Easily find the equipment you are looking for with location schematics and location markers in the mobile application.
Talk to us about integrating sensor data in equipment database.
Full access to equipment data and inspection tasks in the field – online and offline.
Easy identification of equipment and database lookup with RFID/NFC tagged equipment. Reduce time spent on execution.
Add profile pictures of your equipment and document inspection findings with comments and pictures.
Equipment labels give dynamic presentation of equipment data and links your equipment data to inspection requirements.

It provides a comprehensive equipment database that seamlessly links technical standards to equipment details. This powerful tool not only streamlines the planning, execution, and documentation of inspections but also greatly reduces the time spent on these tasks.

What’s more, it’s remarkably quick to implement and places minimal strain on internal resources. It’s a game-changer, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance for explosion-proof equipment, hoses, cable transits and more.

The mobile application is designed for field personnel conducting inspections. Available for Android devices via the Google Play Store, it mirrors the main views of the web portal. Users can access project and equipment information, apply filters, and utilise associated drawings and location markers. Each project has tasks generated from technical standards and database-specific component data.

Notably, the mobile app allows inspectors to download all necessary information for offline use in areas lacking Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring uninterrupted functionality. Overall, Inspectio’s combination of a web portal and a mobile application streamlines asset management, project coordination, and inspection processes for increased efficiency and convenience.

Many asset owners grapple with the inefficiencies and complexities of compliance inspections, often diverting valuable time and resources away from their core business functions. Inspectio steps in as the game-changer, offering a streamlined solution that not only reduces costs but also delivers tangible environmental benefits.

Cost-efficiency through simplified data management

With Inspectio, we transform your daily operations by minimising the time and resources spent on inspections. Our software simplifies data collection and documentation, consolidating these tasks into a single, user-friendly workflow.

The cost of the software typically equals one working hour for every three to five hours you save. This translates into significant financial upside, enabling you to reinvest these resources where they matter most: hands-on maintenance, improvements, and your core business activities.

Sustainability for the offshore sector

By reducing the hours spent on manual data entry, Inspectio helps you cut operational hours. This translates into a reduced carbon footprint, contributing to your sustainability goals and minimising greenhouse gas emissions. Our platform empowers you to reallocate these precious hours toward environmentally conscious initiatives, aligning your business with the pressing need for sustainable practices.

Improved asset management

Inspectio doesn’t just save time; it enhances your asset management. Our robust database and customizable tag properties enable you to register each unique component with precision, providing a comprehensive overview of your equipment. This level of detail empowers you to optimise your maintenance strategy, yielding maximum cost benefits and significantly slashing operating expenses. Your enhanced documentation ensures compliance and offers complete control over your assets, mitigating risks and boosting operational efficiency.

Enhanced workflow integration

Navigating a maze of disjointed work orders and tasks can lead to time wastage and operational disruptions. Inspectio consolidates tasks related to the same equipment into a cohesive workflow, minimizing delays and enhancing productivity. Our platform also provides location drawings and RFID tagging for quick equipment identification, ensuring that you can efficiently locate and tend to assets without unnecessary downtime.

In summary, Inspectio doesn’t just save you time and money; it empowers you to operate more sustainably, improve documentation and control, and enhance your workflow integration.

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