LEWA Awarded the Strategy Prize by Frost & Sullivan Once Again

After already receiving an award from Frost & Sullivan in December 2007 for exceptional innovative power in the development of application-oriented pumps and systems for the oil and gas industry, LEWA has been honoured with a second award in 2009.

This year LEWA is receiving the prize for the best growth strategy in the area of “European High Pressure Metering Pumps in Critical Applications”. Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting firm with international operations, based its awarding of the prize on the excellent position LEWA has attained within the market segment of process-critical and safety-critical applications.

Another aspect of the award, according to Frost & Sullivan, is the company’s continual focus on research and development, which is supported by numerous innovations and patented technologies. LEWA impressively demonstrated this at the ACHEMA 2009 trade show.

LEWA’s CEO Bernd Stütz said: “We are proud to receive the 2009 Strategy Prize in this category from Frost & Sullivan. Our primary goal has been and will remain to be the best provider of customer-specific solutions in the area of fluid metering. This award shows us that we are on the right course.”

LEWA has maintained its leadership claim in the development and manufacture of high-pressure diaphragm pumps in critical applications for decades now. Examples of LEWA solutions can be found in processes for alternative energy generation and in technology for reinjection of environmentally critical carbon dioxide.

LEWA technology is also at work in numerous other challenging applications. LEWA pumps are used in clean room processes in pharmaceutical applications, for example, and to manufacture and meter gelatines in food processing.

They are also used to process surface-active agents and in the treatment and disposal of critical waste water materials. Regardless of the specific requirements of individual processes, LEWA considers itself a partner to its customers – a partner who analyzes overall process flows and methods and continually seeks optimization potential.

Users are not just looking for a product, but instead are seeking creative, pioneering and, above all, economical solutions. That is why the specialists at LEWA are often there to consult with customers before defining the system design, and they take on key operating and maintenance tasks in later system operations.

As a manufacturer as well as developer and service provider, LEWA assumes a role that is beyond the capabilities of a manufacturer that only produces components. As a “number one solution provider” it takes on responsibilities – that is how LEWA positions itself in the market.

LEWA technologies and services are in demand wherever fluid media need to be metered, transported or processed under process-critical, safety-critical and unique process conditions.

The company guarantees a closed loop of research and development, unique and individually oriented customer consultation, high-tech production and a globally available service network. Components that are structurally integrated in the LEWA company and the values it embodies are the key to offering individual solutions for market-based innovations for customers.

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