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Metering Pumps, Process Diaphragm Pumps and Engineered Pumping Solutions

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Key applications for the oil-and gas industry include: methanol/ethanol injection, chemical injection packages, H2S and CO2 re-injection, condensate forwarding or re-injection and glycol injection.

LEWA pumps and systems is the world leader in metering pumps according to API and many other specifications, for plunger, diaphragm, process pumps as well as skids, packages and systems, and provides the widest range of pressures, flow rates and materials covering the toughest applications in the oil and gas industry, on and offshore, up and downstream.

LEWA’s key products include metering pumps, process diaphragm pumps, odorizing systems, solar-, electric motor-, and air/gas driven chemical injection packages, large to small on-/off-shore packages, CO2/H2S re-injection units, custom made high pressure diaphragm pumps and condition monitoring systems for a variety of industries.

These products are supplied to key industries, such as:

Single skid package carrying four G3G triplex units for high pressure methanol injection, offshore - West Africa.
The world largest quadruplex process diaphragm pump G4T for CO<span class=”sub”>2</span> re-injection in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Pump injects 125m³/h at 250bar max.
Offshore chemical injection package with multi-compartment tank, diaphragm metering pumps and explosion-proof controls.
Falcon intermitted high pressure methanol injection, view of tanks and process diaphragm pumps during construction on the FPSO.
Demonstration of LEWA's modular design: one motor can drive up to nine pumps operating at different speeds, a unique selection of plunger diameters and manual, pneumatic or electronic stroke adjustments.
  • Oil and gas (upstream and downstream)
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals and personal care
  • Foods and beverages
  • Plastics processes
  • Cleaning and detergents
  • Specials (such as gas odorizing)

LEWA’s core expertise includes:

  • International project management
  • Worldwide on-site presence
  • First class service and spare part distribution
  • Pre and after-sales services

Full process solution provider

No need to switch to other, non-proven equipment – once the flows and pressures get higher. Over 50 years of sound, practical and proven experience in the oil and gas industry, LEWA can provide the complete range.

Diaphragm metering pumps – LEWA ecoflow

LEWA ecoflow provides the highest reliability. Featuring a wealth of standardised assemblies, LEWA’s ecoflow range of diaphragm metering pumps can be customized for practically every pumping application.

Ecoflow metering pumps incorporate the LEWA Diaphragm Protection System (DPS) that perfectly complements the range’s proven modular design and offers safe control of the diaphragm movement during operation.

In addition to modular, standardised diaphragm metering pumps, LEWA can also deliver specialised solutions to meet the customer’s requirements.

Process diaphragm pumps – LEWA ecoflow and LEWA triplex

LEWA continues to set new standards for process diaphragm pump technology in high-pressure process engineering. With a pressure range of up to 1,200bar, our process diaphragm pumps can quickly and safely transfer critical, toxic and inflammable fluids in a wide variety of operating conditions.

LEWA package engineering

The company delivers engineering and on-site commissioning services for metering and mixing applications, and supplies both proven standard packages and metering packages, tailor-made for specific applications. Competence from one source with a minimum of interfaces and consistent component selection minimizes the risk due to our functional warranty.

LEWA’s metering solutions and odorizing systems are delivered with modern electronics that enable both open and closed loop control and monitoring. LEWA meets all requirements for new systems or upgrades from proportional control up to PLC-operated systems.

LEWA CMS (condition monitoring system)

To ensure continuous operation and avoid costly and time-consuming emergency shut downs, a condition monitoring system, LEWA CMS, offers the most economic solution.

With LEWA CMS, pump life-cycle cost is lowered by reducing machine downtime, accomplished by progressing from preventive to condition-oriented maintenance and further reducing the risk of unexpected pump breakdowns and loss of production.

Best solution and technology for the customer’s benefit

LEWA’s definition of customer benefit includes more than just technical features and high standards for quality. Other important features include our after-sales capabilities, first-class service, a worldwide on-site presence and international project management. Customers are offered competent and comprehensive consulting. The process, the system approach and, in particular, economics are always the focal point.

To support our claim of being the market leader, we can name many outstanding and technically extremely demanding applications (environmentally and application-wise).

West Africa, South America, the Gulf of Mexico – high-pressure chemical injection (non-lubricating chemicals such as methanol, ethanol). Abrasive catalysts, bentonite – the Middle East, the North Sea, CO2 /H2S reinjection in Canada, and many other locations.

Greater Plutonio Development, Block 18, Offshore Angola

The Greater Plutonio development, comprising the Galio, Cromio, Paladio, Plutonio and Cobalto fields, lies in 1,200m to 1,600m deep water, approximately 160km north-west of Luanda in the Block 18 concession, offshore Angola.

South Pars

The South Pars field located in Iran is the northern extension of Qatar’s giant North Field. It covers an area of 500 square miles and is located 3,000m below the seabed at a water depth of 65m.

Bayu-Undan, Timor Sea

Bayu-Undan is located 500km offshore Darwin, Australia, in the Timor Sea, and is 250km south of East Timor.

Corrib Gas Field

The Corrib field is a Triassic gas development in the Atlantic Ocean, situated off the coast of Ireland.

Kashagan Offshore Oil Field

Discovered in July 2000, Kashagan was described as the largest field found in the past 30 years, the largest outside of the Middle East, with a projected output close to that of the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia.

Valhall Oilfield, North Sea

The Valhall field was discovered in 1975 and came online in 1982. It is operated by BP, which holds a 35.95% interest while the remaining 64.05% interest is held by Hess Norge.

Ekofisk II

The original Ekofisk area development consisted of eight oil and gas fields, namely Cod, Ekofisk, West Ekofisk, Tor, Albuskjell, Eldfisk, Edda and Embla.

Xikomba Oil Field

ExxonMobil's Xikomba deepwater development in Angola, West Africa, is located in the north-west corner of Block 15, approximately 230 miles (370km) north-west of Luanda.

Mittelplate Redevelopment

The Mittelplate development originally came onstream from a purpose-designed island in 1987. By the end of 2005, a major

Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli Oilfield

The Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) field lies 120km off the coast of Azerbaijan in 120m of water and contains 5.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

Glider, Gulf of Mexico

The Glider field is located in Green Canyon Block 248 in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 165 miles south-southwest of

Buzzard Field

The Buzzard field is located in the Outer Moray Firth, central North Sea, 100km north-east of Aberdeen, UK, and 55km from the coast at Peterhead.

Blake Flank

The Blake Flank project is located at the Outer Moray Firth, in the North Sea, around 64 miles from Aberdeen, UK. The st

Snøhvit Gas Field

The Snøhvit development comprises three fields – Snøhvit, Albatross and Askeladd. These lie in the Baren

Goldeneye Gas Platform

Goldeneye is located 100km northeast of St Fergus. It was discovered in October 1996 with the drilling of well 14/29a-3

TotalFinaElf Gas Field Project

The Northern Underwater Gas Gathering Export and Treatment System (Nuggets) is located in blocks 3 / 18c, 3 / 19a, 3 / 19b, 3 / 20a, 3124a, 3 / 24c and 3125a in the UK sector of the northern North Sea, south of Dunbar in water depths of 120m.

Jotun Oil and Gas Field Project

The Jotun field is located on the Utsira High, between the Balder and Heimdal fields, approximately 200km west of Stavanger, Norway.

Liverpool Bay Oil and Gas Development Project

The Liverpool Bay Development is BHP Petroleum's largest global single project. It comprises four oil and gas fields, together with significant offshore and onshore facilities for extracting, transporting and processing the reserves.

Mobil oil and gas field project

Zafiro is located in the 500,000-acre Block B, 68km (42 miles) WNW of Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea, adjacent to the international border with Nigeria.

Bruce Phase II, North Sea

The Bruce field was originally developed under phase I, using two bridge-linked platforms, both connected to the main 32in Frigg trunkline by a 6km, 32in-diameter gas-export pipeline taking gas to the St Fergus Terminal.

Webshop Permits the Individual Configuration of Small Pumps

Placing orders in the evening or on the weekend is the order of the day in small companies. Unfortunately, so are waiting for an offer to be quoted and lengthy price negotiations. To meet the needs of plant construction companies like Conaqua Wassertechnik, metering and process diaphragm pump manufacturer Lewa has now set up a Webshop.

29 April 2013

LEWA-NIKKISO Expands its Presence in Life Sciences

In March 2013, Lewa-Nikkiso America acquired Integrated Process Technologies (IPT), a Massachusetts-based company specialising in the engineering, design, and manufacture of high purity process systems. IPT has a proven track record of delivering design-build projects for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets with particular expertise in process / mechanical and process / automation systems integration.

8 April 2013

LEWA to Cooperate with Knoll Maschinenbau

From now on, Lewa will market the progressing cavity and screw spindle pumps of Knoll Maschinenbau, allowing the company to address even more applications. Knoll will benefit from new sales channels to penetrate into entirely new markets and expand its own international presence.

14 March 2013

Change in Management: Triumvirate at LEWA

Since February 1 2013, the Pump and System Division of the Lewa-Nikkiso Group has been led by a triumvirate. The former CEO of Lewa, Bernd Stütz, left the company at the end of 2012. On 1 January, Naota Shikano took over as his successor. Shikano is now sharing responsibility for the pump and systems business of the entire group with Stefan Glasmeyer, who is responsible for sales, and with Dr. Martin Fiedler, who is head of the Operations Division.

25 February 2013

LEWA Rearranges Corporate Management

Bernd M Stütz, chief executive officer of the Lewa Group, a leading manufacturing company of metering pumps and systems for complex tasks, is leaving the company at the end of 2012.

5 December 2012

Nikkiso Cryo Europe Competence Centre Opened in Milan, Italy

With the inauguration of the new Nikkiso Cryo Europe competence centre at LEWA S.R.L. in Milan, Italy, LEWA and its parent company NIKKISO have improved customer proximity and shortened the response cycle for cryogenic submerged motor pumps.

9 November 2012

Busy 2012 for LEWA

With the launch of a new website, CCS cooperation and the 60th company anniversary: the past couple of months have been quite eventful for LEWA. In addition to these developments, LEWA has also created its new newsletter, 'Orange'.

18 September 2012

LEWA and Burckhardt Compression Join Forces for Carbon Capture and Storage Project

It seems that fossil fuels will continue to be the primary source of energy in the decades to come. However, solutions for the accompanying problems - for example the creation of greenhouse gases - have to be provided. LEWA and Burckhardt Compression have taken up the challenge of this task. In the future, both enterprises are going to jointly manufacture systems that not only increase the production capacity of oil, but simultaneously decrease the emission of ecologically harmful gases.

7 September 2012

LEWA Unveils New-Look Website

A new-look website has been launched by the LEWA Group, which is clearer, more informative and more appealing. Visitors of are offered a completely renewed structure with detailed product information, services and innovative tools.

6 June 2012

LEWA CEO Joins the Economic Senate

Bernd M. Stütz, CEO of LEWA, has been named a senator after a decision was made by the Presidium and Board of the Economic Senate. Professor Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Science, presented the certificate at a festive celebration at the end of March 2012, in Berlin.

25 April 2012

Prize Awarded to LEWA as Top Innovator

LEWA has been identified as one of the top innovators among the midsize companies by corporate consulting company Munich Strategy Group.

29 February 2012

Lewa Establishes Subsidiary in Dubai

To strengthen its presence in the Middle East and the Arabic region, Lewa has expanded its existing sales office in Dubai into a legally independent subsidiary. LEWA Middle East FZE is headquartered in the Jebel Ali free trade zone in Dubai. Jim O'Neil has been appointed to CEO, having already he

14 August 2011

CO2: Climate Killer or Raw Material?

In the context of the "Green Technologies Day" event series initiated by Lewa, at the end of March participants were intensively discussing the question of whether CO2 should be seen as a climate killer or a raw material. Current research activities involving the capture and storage of carbon dio

19 April 2011

LEWA Among Top Ten Companies for Sales Growth and Profitability in Germany

In the past four years, LEWA has had ongoing growth in sales and profits – putting it to the tenth place in the 'Top 100 Ranking of German Midsized Companies' issued by Munich Strategy Group (MSG). The Munich Strategy Group (MSG) specialises in strategy consulting for small and medium-s

30 November 2010

LEWA ecosmart®: The Clever Idea for Plant Engineering

When discharging or metering fluids, industrial system operators must often observe rigid safety and environment aspects and also meet the requirements of individual processes. LEWA's core competence is to offer solutions for these demanding tasks. The producer is globally recognised as one of th

28 October 2010

LEWA Awarded the Strategy Prize by Frost & Sullivan Once Again

After already receiving an award from Frost & Sullivan in December 2007 for exceptional innovative power in the development of application-oriented pumps and systems for the oil and gas industry, LEWA has been honoured with a second award in 2009. This year LEWA is receiving the pr

13 October 2009

LEWA Founds Joint Venture in Singapore

LEWA PTE LTD – the Singapore subsidiary of the international company LEWA GmbH – and managers who will lead the new joint venture have signed an agreement based on long-term and established cooperation. Operating under the name Pump Alliance PTE LTD, the goal of the Singapore-based comp

8 July 2009

Even Pumps Require Police Protection Sometimes

A number of high-pressure pumps from pump and system producer LEWA, which in 2010 will go into service aboard a crude oil processing vessel (FPSO) in the Skarv Idun gas field off the Norwegian coast, first had to be transported via Rotterdam to a shipyard in South Korea. The magnitude of this shi

21 June 2009

LEWA Launches Own Subsidiary in Norway

The company LEWA ranks among the leading solution providers worldwide for liquid metering in the process industry (oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical), especially where critical conditions are concerned. There are hardly any alternatives on the market to LEWA’s hermetically diaphragm pumps and

17 August 2008

Visit LEWA at ONS 2008

LEWA will be present at ONS 2008 in Stavanger, Norway from August 26 to 28. LEWA GmbH and LEWA AS will join the German Pavillion in Hall C, Stand 342-17. For more information, please contact Arne Hauge (managing director, LEWA AS) or Martin Philippin (regional sales manager).

17 August 2008


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LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc

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