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Hydraulic-Driven Solids Pumps for Drill Cutting, Mud and Slurry Handling

Putzmeister Solid Pumps is focused on the power, offshore, maritime, and oil and gas industries.

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Putzmeister Solid Pumps is focused on the power, offshore, maritime, and oil and gas industries. Specialised handling products include sludge, slurry, paste and cake including solids, tailings and drill cuttings. We offer pumping systems for solids transportation and storage systems, including engineering design, manufacturing and commissioning at highest industrial standards.

Solids pumps for the offshore industry

Pumping with Putzmeister hydraulic-driven solids pumps is the most efficient method for conveyance of very stiff material with high viscosity and a high share of coarse grain over long conveying distances.

The ‘S-transfer tube’ system used in this pump type even allows the pumping of material with poor liquid content.

Typical applications for the Putzmeister pumping system:

Putzmeister hydraulic-driven solids pumps can be applied on and offshore.
Specially trained Putzmeister service staff for offshore applications.
Putzmeister KOV on the natural gas production platform Åsgard B (Photo Øyvind Hagen, © Statoil Petroleum ASA).
The 'Rem Hrist' – one of the two Ulstein supply vessels with Putzmeister pump technology onboard.
Putzmeister KOV 1075 double-piston pump for drip water handling – specially equipped for the operation on rough sea.
  • Pumping drill cuttings from shaker to buffer tanks or containers
  • Pumping drill cuttings from buffer tanks to the supply vessel
  • Putzmeister high-density solids pumps also operate on supply vessels
  • Onshore for conveying treated drill cuttings to an environmentally friendly storage area and processing plant
  • Drip water / process water handling
  • Re-injection of drill cuttings into the drilled well
  • Deep sea mining harvesting of manganese nodules

Solids pumping system for drill cuttings on rigs

Since there is very little space available on offshore platforms, the Putzmeister system provides a storage and pumping solution for drill cuttings with a minimum footprint. Furthermore, with such ideal pumping system, stiff slurries, originating from the shale shaker, can be easily conveyed.

System advantages include:

  • Smaller footprint compared to other conveying systems
  • Flexible high-pressure and wear-resistant pipeline
  • Worldwide proven silo discharge technology
  • Supply boat loading with high-tech manipulator MX 36
  • Extremely short loading time compared to current systems
  • Complied drill cuttings handling system made by Putzmeister Solid Pumps

Pumping system for drill cuttings handling

Putzmeister supplies storage silos, silo discharge, piston pumps and delivery pipe systems for the clean and efficient handling of drill cuttings from the platform to the supply vessels, and from the vessels to the shore side.

System advantages:

  • Improves loading and unloading tasks on supply vessels
  • Service-friendly installation
  • Despite the space restrictions, the whole unit could be installed into the cargo department inside of the supply vessel
  • The Putzmeister pump system is able to store and pump oil recovery operation (ORO) material
  • Operation on supply vessels and onshore for conveying treated drill cuttings to storage area and processing plant

Ball valve pumps for drip water / process water handling

Putzmeister supplies the right pump type for drip water handling. Drip water is a mixture of any kind of liquid residues, also known as a ‘cocktail’, which comes from the production process on the production platform. Safe and leak-free transportation of this material is mandatory.

Oil-hydraulically driven double piston pump KOV with ball valves is perfect for drip water and drain liquids. The Putzmeister delivery program for industrial applications also includes:

  • Auger feeder units
  • Power packs
  • Delivery pipelines
  • Silos and tanks
  • Silo discharge systems

Ball valve pump system advantages

Advantages of this system include:

  • Wear is reduced to a minimum due to low piston speeds inside the delivery cylinders
  • Maintenance costs, effort and downtime are reduced due to low wear
  • Maintenance staff can be protected from being exposed to hazardous media due to low downtimes
  • The Putzmeister pump is a well-designed solution, based on Putzmeister’s long experience for different applications, mainly in pumping abrasive media
  • The module design allows Putzmeister to find a suitable solution for almost every pumping task, for every output rate and highest pressure levels

Deep sea mining pump system for manganese nodules

Putzmeister supplies a system for ‘harvesting’ manganese nodules. A collecting element conveys the manganese nodules to the grinder and from there the treated manganese, which is as consistent as concrete, will be pumped with a KOS type pump to the surface in a vessel. Cleansing the seabed from drill cuttings is another task that this special pump can fulfil.

Pumping systems with approved safety

All of Putzmeister’s pumps are designed according to the following international and special oil, gas, ship and offshore standards:

  • Quality assurance ISO 9001
  • Registered at Achilles®
  • Registered company member at German Project Management Assosiation GPM and World Wide Experienced Project Manager
  • Trained service staff with basic safety an emergency training – OLF / NSOC-D / OPITO / NOGEPA

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