PG Marine Group – Ing Per Gjerdrum / Norway (PG) has entered into a cooperation with highly specialised pump manufacturer Putzmeister Solid Pumps / Germany (PSP) to address the rapidly rising, global market of drill cutting handling and transportation from the offshore oil and gas industry.

Over the years both parties have made significant contributions to enable safe, secure and efficient drill cutting transportation below deck onboard offshore service vessels. PG will provide its novel PG-MACS® patented multi application cargo solution, and Putzmeister its delivery systems of highly specialised pumping solutions to drilling rigs for DC handling.

The strong exploration and production drilling activities worldwide, in pursuit of oil and gas reserves, triggers massive amounts of drill cuttings and drilling slops to be handled in an effective way, which at the same time caters for environmental, personnel and economical interests alike. Such processes have been established by PG and PSP, proven in North Sea operations. These processes present themselves as the most novel technological solutions to the industry.

By joining forces, PG and Putzmeister Solid Pumps create the widest portfolio of solutions for DC-handling, from seabed to rig – from rig to ship – and from ship to shore base in the safest, fastest and least resource-consuming way.

Through access to Putzmeister’s high density, high pressure pump solutions PG and Putzmeister are able to offer solutions which meet all demands in terms of challenges emerging from this highly sophisticated market.

Through PG’s revolutionary PG-MAPS drill cutting subsea lift-pump – which basically works like a human heart – PG offers a most efficient, hermetically enclosed pumping solution to extract drill cuttings from the drilling string on the sea floor and pump this to surface and thereby enable enhanced drilling performance.

On the rig, PG-RigMACS – which might also comprise Putzmeister’s high-density solids pumps – transfer, store and discharge drill cuttings to the waiting offshore supply vessel. This, in turn, ships and discharges drill cuttings by its onboard, below deck, fixed installed PG-MACS cargo system to the shore base. Here again, PG and Putzmeister have developed solutions to efficiently receive, store and transfer drill cuttings to shore magazines or processing plants in which drill cuttings are turned into valuable construction material.

Besides the PG-MACS, a volume optimised transportation solution for high-density drill cuttings, compromising a rectangular storage silo with its discharge sliding frame, feeder screws and high-density solids pump, is also available.