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Comprehensive Pumping Solutions

Sulzer provides state-of-the art pumping solutions for oil and gas production, transportation, refining, and petrochemical processing.

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Sulzer provides state-of-the art pumping solutions for oil and gas production, transportation, refining, and petrochemical processing.

Cutting-edge pumping solutions for the oil and gas industry

Our success in oil and gas is based on our unique ability to push technical barriers, and provide reliable high-quality equipment. From the concept phase through to design, manufacture, testing, installation and dependable operational support, we supply it all.

We are at the forefront of delivering groundbreaking designs that stay ahead of oil and gas production developments. Recent challenges include 3MW to 6MW subsea hybrid and multiphase pressure boosting systems.

Pumping solutions for all processes

Pumping solutions we provide include:

Sulzer provides floating production storage and offloading solutions. © Sulzer.
Solutions from Sulzer enable the performance of injection pumps to be optimised. © Sulzer.
Sulzer offers services and machinery for subsea pumping. © Sulzer.
Solutions are fully tested by Sulzer. © Sulzer.
  • Oil production: pumps for injection, main oil line, seawater lift, fire-fighting, subsea and associated auxiliary applications
  • Floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO): pumps for injection, firewater, seawater lift, offloading, process and auxiliary
  • Pipelines: Booster pumps and main line pipeline pumps for upstream and mid-stream applications: crude oil, diluted bitumen, diluent, natural gas liquids (NGL), refinery products and petro-chemicals (gasoline, diesel, LPG, super critical ethylene, etc.)
  • Gas (LNG): ultra-high pressure send out pumps for the latest generation of LNG terminals
  • CO2: CO2 pipeline transportation and high pressure injection pumps
  • Pump services: diagnostic and consulting, maintenance and support, technical and economic optimisation through retrofits.

Pump reliability

Our reliability in oil and gas applications is renowned across the world. Sulzer products have earned a reputation for first time start-ups, availability, reliability and ease-of-maintenance. We receive regular compliments from our customers. Our ground-breaking technology led to the world’s first 40,000 hour impeller life guarantee on a high energy injection pump.

With more than 1,000,000kW installed power and more than 1,000,000 operating hours, Sulzer HPcp injection pumps have delivered 99% availability for our customers.

Innovative water injection pumps

Sulzer continues to establish world records in the oil and gas business and our list of firsts is unequaled. Having produced the most power water injection pumps in 1980s, we later broke our own record by 50% up to 27MW.

We were also the first to deliver injection pumps with discharge pressure >600bar (designs now >800bar), as well as the world’s largest multiphase and LNG sendout pumps.

It is clear that Sulzer is the technical leader in its field. Thanks to innovation and state-of-the-art technology, Sulzer develops customised solutions, to meet the most stringent specifications.

White Papers

  • Wet Stator Units for Oil and Gas

    Sulzer has the in-house capability to provide specialist service support to the upstream oil and gas industry for all large water filled electro-submersible pumps manufactured by Sulzer and third party pump companies.

  • Retrofit Solutions: Give Your Pump a Second Life

    The retrofit market has been booming over the past years. New environmental regulations, tougher competition for more efficient and reliable equipment and technological advances contributed greatly to the popularity of retrofit as a solution to ageing systems.

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