cMIST dehydration technology

Switzerland-based engineering firm Sulzer’s Chemtech division has been selected as the exclusive licensee of ExxonMobil’s pioneering cMIST dehydration technology, with a view to facilitating deployment across the oil and gas industry.

This inline, extensively field-tested technology efficiently removes water vapor present during the production of natural gas, and can be deployed at both land-based and offshore natural gas production facilities.

Removing water vapor through the use of dehydration technology reduces corrosion and equipment interference, and until now has typically been accomplished using large and expensive dehydration towers.

cMIST reduces the size, weight, and cost of dehydration; the surface footprint can be reduced by 70% and the overall dehydration system’s weight halved, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of natural gas through the supply infrastructure, and ultimately to consumers.

Offshore applications benefit significantly from cMIST.

Torsten Wintergerste, president of Sulzer’s Chemtech division, says: "We are proud to have been selected as the worldwide exclusive licensee of cMIST technology, which includes our patented compact HiPer™ inline separator.

"We look forward to servicing the oil and gas industry with this unique technology, allowing for much-needed reductions in capital expenditures for both greenfield projects and existing facilities seeking brownfield debottlenecking opportunities.

"cMIST complements Sulzer’s line of compact, multi-phase separation technologies, and will benefit oil and gas operating companies around the world."