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A Durable Solution to Flame, Arcflash and Cut Hazards

Flame arcflash cut-resistant gloves

Eureka is now launching its new 13-4 Heat FR glove. The Para aramid, glass and spandex composite liner provides a cut EN388 level 5 as well as ANSI cut level 4. The company’s well-known knitting features the improved littlefinger fit and two-layer knitting to separate any fiberglass from the skin. Its chloroprene composite foam coating provides the highest FR (inflammable) properties according to EN407 and the glove is rated with an arcflash protection (ATPV) of 5.5 calories/cm² according to the new and stricter standard ASTM F2675.

Users that operate under higher arcflash risks have the choice of 13-4 Heat FR-AF (now in stock) reinforced with an extra lining that provides an additional ATPV of 9.5 calories/cm² according to the arcflash fabric standard ASTM 1959.

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