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Impact and Vibration Resistant Safety Gloves for Offshore Workforces

Eureka Safety specialises in the manufacture and supply of working gloves that specifically optimised for use in the oil and gas industry.

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eureka impact gloves

Eureka Safety specialises in the manufacture and supply of working gloves that specifically optimised for use in the oil and gas industry.

The company uses its deep knowledge of textile performance fibres accumulated during our 58-year history to meet the explicit demands of its end-users, and consistently aims to set new quality levels for safety, durability and comfort.

Our ambition is supported by new technologies that help us to combine premium-level quality with affordability, and our gloves continue to set new standards for performance in arc flash, cut, puncture, needle and vibration control.

Vibration-reducing gloves for offshore worksites

Prolonged exposure to vibration is known to cause irreversible injuries, including hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and vibration-induced white fingers syndrome (VWFS). Unlike most other workplace injuries, HAVS accumulates slowly over a number of years and its eventual onset cannot usually be traced back to any specific accident.

Eureka Safety is a leading provider of hard-wearing working gloves designed to provide robust protection for personnel during offshore activities.
Impact Xtreme Winter has an added winter insulation membrane, and is high comfort with good dexterity. EN388-3232.
Impact Xtreme Dry is excellent in dry conditions with extremely high comfort and dexterity. EN 388-3242.
Impact Xtreme Heavy Duty offers anti hand fatigue and high dexterity for tough jobs.
Impact Light series provide lighter snug gloves while maintaining good impact protection.
Eureka owns and runs our own coating factory and laboratories in China, this has allowed the development on many unique coatings such as the arc flash resistant 13-4 HFR glove above.
Eureka has done extensive work in anti-vibration protection & analysis, we acknowledge the advantage and limitations of Anti Vibration (AV) gloves. Currently we feature a summer and winter all round EN 10819 certified “AV” glove.
15-1 Transient Vibration gloves for use with impacting tools, offering great dexterity and featuring educational print in the palm. Product is not recommended for use with rotating tools such as saws, sanders or angle grinders.

Simply ensuring that workers wear ISO 10819-certified, vibration-reducing gloves is not sufficient to mitigate these risks as, despite providing vital protection, all vibration gloves also create harmful resonance that has the potential to aggravate hand injuries over time.

Eureka Safety provides an extensive catalogue of vibration-resistant gloves designed to provide robust protection in a variety of scenarios, while keeping the risk of harmful resonance as low as possible.

Our range includes the 15-1 Transient Vibration gloves, which offer excellent dexterity and are intended for use during the handling of impacting tools such as hammers and mallets, as well as the Impact Vibration family of gloves designed for fast vibrating electrical tools between 350Hz-400Hz.

We also offer Impact Vibration Amplitude gloves, which offer the best protection when working with slow and medium frequency motorised tools ranging from 150Hz-200Hz, in addition to the Impact Vibration Flexi variant that is equipped with removable fingertips.

Reliable impact protection testing for increased worker safety

Europe’s latest EN 388 safety standard incorporates the EN 1621 impact testing method, which measures the remaining force transmitted to the hand after a 5J impact.

This force is the equivalent of a 1kg steel, orange-sized ball dropped from a height of 50cm. The requirement for EN 388 will be a maximum force of 7kN, or approximately 700kg.

Eureka plans to adopt an alternative in-house testing method, where the same EN1621-1 methodology is used to estimate the required energy to break a finger (approximately 150kg / 1.5kN) or to break the knuckles (roughly 400kg / 4kN) to ensure the company’s products provide the necessary protection for all common worksite accidents.

Intelligent foam impact-protection gloves for marine personnel

Eureka’s classic Impact Xtreme series provide extraordinary protection against impact and pinches, while the advanced materials offer unprecedented levels of protection for the wearer’s fingers and knuckles during high-risk activities.

The Impact Light range is specially designed to be thin and delicate, yet tough enough to manage the impact requirement of the EN 1621-1 standards.

Eureka’s unique 15-4 Impact insider provides a thin yet EN 388:2016 impact ‘P’-certified glove with cut 5/D resistance. This glove sits perfect under a chemical glove or another heavy-duty glove to provide additional protection.

Our 15-4 Impact Hammer is soft and delicate to wear, while the intelligent foam is tough enough to protect the index finger and thumb against most hammer strikes.

Puncture and needle resistant gloves for marine operations

Eureka’s Swedish research and development (R&D) facility has created two distinct fabrics designed to deliver consistently reliable puncture, cut and needle resistance for offshore personnel.

Our innovative SupraBlock Stop fabric is equipped with a 25-gauge needle resistance of around 9N according to ASTM 2878 standards and is fully certified to CE / ANSI cut-resistance Level 5, providing an excellent safeguard against puncture injuries and other harmful work accidents.

Alternatively, our SupraBlock Soft material is a softer and more breathable variant for less strenuous applications, which provides a needle resistance of approximately 5N and is CE-certified to Level 3.

Eureka Safety possesses a wide selection of products that have been carefully developed to deliver robust, effective protection against steel wire splinters, needles or combined cuts / punctures depending on customers’ needs.

Cut-resistant work gloves for offshore environments

Eureka provides three different lines of cut-resistant glove to serve a wide variety of operational needs, which range from moderate to very-high cut resistance (ANSI A9, EN 388 5/F) depending on the intended application.

Our ’General’ family of work gloves are compliant with ANSI / CE cut Levels E and F and feature balanced designs suitable for a versatile array of environments, including the harsh conditions of the North Sea.

The ‘Cool’ line are certified to cut-resistance Levels B to F and consist of a range of super-thin, protective, cool-feel gloves that are designed to be comfortable in hot working environments. However, in a similar manner to all high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) or Dyneema gloves, they are unsuitable for exposure to flames, sparks or extremely high temperatures due to safety risks.

Conversely, Eureka’s ‘Heat’ series of gloves are specifically optimised for use in high temperature applications and are able to provide robust protection against flames, heat radiation and arc flashes.

White Papers

  • Eureka Safety Gloves

    Eureka has a wide range of safety gloves for industrial applications. The company's products include cut & sewn, impact, seamless and winter gloves.

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Products & services

  • 13-4 General Series

    Provides cut resistance where HPPE is too cold to wear or aramide is too uncomfortable. Our highly successful 13-4 General series feature cut resistance EN388: Level 5 from 23 to 32 N (ISO 13997) and is available in two thicknesses and four coating options to fit all user situations!

  • 1515-2 Impact Light

    Affordable but yet approved Impact protection with seamless construction, high-visibility coating, 100% Para aramid lining and reflex print.

  • 18-3 Cool SC

    Superthin, with a cut resistance of 10N / EN388: Level 4 yet fiberglass and DMFa free.

  • Impact Vibration Flexi

    Eureka's high-dexterity vibration gloves offer great protection for palm and lower fingers.

  • L3 Light

    Leather is back and with a cut resistance of 16N ISO 13997 / EN388: Level 3.

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