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Man Overboard Rescue and Retrieval Systems for the Offshore Industry

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Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) focuses on reducing risk for the marine industry.  The areas of focus include operational awareness, man overboard (MOB) systems and MOB rescue or retrieval systems. Products include the MusterGuard security and safety system, the Sea Marshall man overboard, alerts, MOB alarms, precision direction finders, and Markus and Jason’s Cradle rescue nets, rescue cradles and rescue systems. 

There is no perfect rescue solution, but with proper risk assessment and proactive actions marine operators can minimize the risk of serious injury or loss of life.      

Automated muster (emergency drill) security and safety system

The MusterGuard is an IT-based system that provides real-time situational awareness of your employees during an emergency evacuation or muster drill, automatically. The system installs on a standard local area network and the hardware components are marine-grade IP addressable devices. The system modules include personnel on board (POB), time and attendance, access control, automated muster system and report module.  The MusterGuard provides electronically:

  • Complete count of personnel on board
  • Number of persons expected at each muster station
  • Number of persons who have reported to the muster station
  • Number of persons who have not reported
  • Immediate indication of persons who have reported to the wrong muster station
  • Automatic electronic reports (required) that can be customized and exported (EXCEL) offsite over the network
  • The system provides exception reports so that HSE can take corrective action to reduce the time of the drill and quality of the results

Maritime rescue system and survivor locating devices

The Sea Marshall rescue system is comprised of two components, a personal locator beacon (or alert) and a base unit. The base unit or receiver can be an alarm-only or an alarm with direction finder, for open waters.

The MusterGuard system provides automated system for tracking personnel during emergency drills, including fire, gas, muster, MOB and attendance at safety meetings.
The Sea Marshall system is automatic, provides immediate alarm to the crew and precision direction back to the MOB.
The Sea Marshall PLBs or alerts are easy to integrate into all types of work vest, auto inflatable vests, survival suits and sea coats.
The Markus Man overboard rescue cradle is lightweight, takes little room to stow and rolls up or par buckles the MOB back onto the FRC.

The preference by most commercial marine operations is a locally managed rescue. HSE risk assessments based in the North Atlantic all come back with similar opinions. The rescue system must be automatic, provide an immediate alarm to the crew and direction back to the MOB, and have the MOB located and out of the water within 6-12 minutes The Sea Marshall system provides:

  • Easy integration into life vests or survival suits
  • Automatic activation
  • Immediate alarm to the crew
  • Precision direction back to the MOB
  • A locally managed rescue

MOB retrieval systems

The retrieval systems include rescue lines, rescue ladders, fast rescue vessel (FRC) rescue nets, cradles, scramble nets, stretchers and in-water rescue systems.

Manufacturers include Jason’s Cradle and Markus Lifenet. The systems are suitable for jetties, all types of vessels, lifeboats, barges and rigs. 

We supply two solutions, the Jason’s Cradle and the MarkusNet. We encourage prospects to evaluate a rescue net on the following:

  • Vertical length or freeboard (net should be 1m longer than the freeboard)
  • Width (recommend at least 3ft – 4ft wide)
  • Flexibility of use during different rescue scenarios
  • Breaking strength (to calculate adequate test strength requirement)
  • Weight of the net (the lighter the net, the easier it will be to manually deploy by one or two persons)
  • Stowage room required
  • Price is least important and should be considered last

White Papers

  • Man Overboard Recovery Systems

    The Markus MOB Boat Rescue-net type MBR6-185W is designed for use on SOLAS type MOB Rescue Boats, to roll an unconscious MOB on board in a horizontal position. Alternatively, it can be used as a scramble-net or emergency ladder.

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