While at sea, it is vital to ensure safety measures and procedures are as straightforward as possible. The Markus MOB Boat Rescue-net type MBR6-185W is designed with ease of use in mind.

The MBR6-185W is made for use on SOLAS type MOB Rescue Boats, to roll an unconscious MOB on board in a horizontal position. Alternatively, it can be used as a scramble-net or emergency ladder. The rescue net is suitable for RIBs, FRCs and rigid boats with fastening point from water less than 85cm (33.5").

The MBR 6-series of rescue nets is made of 25mm (.98") white and black polyester webbing. A special design feature of his rescue-net is the use of added PVC fabric vertical at the side edges, which gives the net structure lateral support.

An aluminum bar and an aluminum pipe at the top and bottom of the net respectively distribute the load. As standard it is packed in a white PVC / Nylon fabric storage bag. A rescue net should be a minimum width of 120cm or 4 feet wide to ensure an even roll up (parbuckle) for the man overboard.

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