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Security Doors, Industrial Doors and Fire Doors

Unit 11 Alleton Bywater Networkcentre,
Letchmire Road,
West Yorkshire,
Allerton Bywater,
WF10 2DB Other,
United Kingdom

Unit 11 Alleton Bywater Networkcentre,
Letchmire Road,
West Yorkshire,
Allerton Bywater,
WF10 2DB Other,
United Kingdom

NGF are industrial door manufacturers based in the UK, providing security doors, industrial doors, fire doors and other security products. With a dedicated team of engineers and a commitment to customer service, NGF is well placed to serve your security needs. Its specialist research and development area can manufacture industrial doors to meet any need and application.

Roller shutter doors

With multiple uses and many types of application, the roller shutter door is the archetypical industrial door.

Offering safety and security, roller shutter doors operate electrically or manually, by hand chain or push-up action. Fully serviceable and inexpensive to repair, NGF’s roller shutter is the ideal general-purpose industrial door.

Industrial steel doors

NGF’s steel doors can be designed for any application in mind. Uses for NGF steel doors include general-purpose personnel doors, high-security steel doors, fire exit doors and fire-resisting doors,

Built with high-quality components and finished to the highest standards, NGF steel doors provide practical solutions to your design specification.

Sectional overhead doors

Hard working and reliable, the sectional overhead door is favoured by factories and warehouses, due to its high degree of insulation and noise protection. With various operating applications and finishes, there is a door in the NGF product range to suit any project.

Anti-ram bollards

Custom-made, insurance-approved bollards from NGF are the perfect defence against ram raids. From retail superstores to high street outlets, NGF heavy-duty static or telescopic bollards keep businesses safe and secure.

High-speed rapid-acting doors

When you need to move fast, NGF high-speed doors combine durability and power with opening and closing speeds of up to 1m/s. NGF’s hardwearing doors are cost-effective and low maintenance, helping you manage traffic around your premises.

Collapsible grilles and gates

Providing visibility and security, for showcasing stock, but ensuring your business is safe and secure, NGF collapsible gates and grills offer good looks with a physical deterrent. Ideal for retail outlets and sophisticated offices, these insurance-approved grills provide the perfect alternative to a solid shutter.

Pneumatic roller shutter doors

NGF’s pneumatic roller shutter door has been developed for offshore applications, providing a specialist product for extreme conditions. The motor, control and safety systems specially designed and incorporated into NGF’s pneumatic roller shutter doors meet Zone 1 requirements.

Industrial door repair and maintenance

Dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction, NGF’s industrial door repair and maintenance service is second-to-none. Its manned 24-hour callout service will attend any call and guarantee to make your door safe and secure on its first visit.

NGF Industrial Doors

Unit 11 Alleton Bywater Networkcentre

Letchmire Road

West Yorkshire

Allerton Bywater

WF10 2DB


United Kingdom