Following the success of their popular webinar series discussing the challenges and solutions relating to personnel transfer and access in offshore industries, Reflex Marine launches a series of daily podcasts split into two streams. Stream one (the weekday podcasts) is a means of further facilitating the processes of using and maintaining Reflex Marine equipment to clients around the world. Stream two (broadcasted over the weekend) will focus on more business-related topics, e.g. project finances.

Launching the podcasts is a series of short Q&As with Reflex Marine’s Engineering and Supply Manager Paul Onions walking the audience through the ins and outs of the WAVE-4 personnel transfer carrier.

“Understanding the correct procedures for using and maintaining personnel transfer equipment is essential to ensure safety of all those involved,” comments Paul Onions.

“I think listening to someone explain instructions makes it easier to understand. I hope that by answering the most common questions asked about the WAVE-4, I can make the requirements and technicalities clearer for our clients.”

The podcasts will be available on all major platforms, including Spotify. The first series about WAVE-4 will run over weekdays for three weeks, followed by a series about STORM-WORK – Reflex Marine’s first work basket.

Meantime, the first weekend episode will feature Reflex Marine’s Chief Operating Officer, Ms Sandra Antonovic, discussing project finance and how outsourcing services can help operators manage costs more effectively.