Reflex Marine’s crew transfer equipment is designed and developed to the highest safety standard. The design derived from an extensive, risk-based review of crane transfer operations. Prototypes are submitted to rigorous testing and verification programme performed on personnel crane transfer equipment.

Safety by design

FROG design addresses four main key risks associated with crew changes using cranes. Seats and quick release seat belts eliminate the risk of people falling out mid-transfer, shock-absorbing feet and suspension system protect against heavy landings and ensure safe and stable dismounting for the crew, polyurethane foam-filled buoyancy guarantees the FROG will float and self right if immersed in water and together with the stainless steel frame protects against side impacts. FROG transfer devices are able to transport between four and ten persons. They provide overhead protection and have a luggage storage area on a non-slip floor.

MedEvac, emergency evacuation, harsh weather and low visibility

FROG-XT range of crew transfer devices and WAVE-4 transfer devices can be easily converted to MedEvac mode in a matter of minutes and make for the safest way to transfer an injured person in an emergency situation. All Reflex Marine crew transfer equipment perform exceedingly well in operational scenarios involving harsh weather, low visibility including fog or smoke, high winds or turbulent sea states. FROG-XT superior operating envelope allows for equipment to be used in circumstances with a significant wave height of up to 4m and wind speed of up to 40 knots.

Arctic weather conditions

FROG, FROG-XT and WAVE-4 crew transfer devices perform exceedingly well in sub-zero temperatures going as far as -40 C. Reflex Marine’s equipment is being used in Norway, Canada, Sweden and Russia, including for projects such as Sakhalin I and II and Yamal.

Platform to vessel crane transfer of personnel by Frog in the GOM.
WAVE-4 transfer to Saipem 7000 vessel.
FROG-XT10 on board a Seacor Marine vessel.
FROG-XT6 transfer from PFLNG1 offshore Sabah gas field.
FROG-XT6 transfer from DEME vessel during a pre-piling campaign.
FROG-XT6 transfer from DEME vessel during a pre-piling campaign.
FROG carrying out crew transfers.

Accessories, replacement parts,  operational support and servicing

Reflex Marine manufactures a range of accessories that help prolong the life of the equipment and increase comfort and safety.
OEM replacement parts are available for all our equipment and a global network of service centres and approved service partners are ready to service your crew transfer equipment at a location of your convenience, onshore or aboard your vessel. Operational support is available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Tailor-made project work

Reflex Marine’s clients sometimes have unique requirements and/or their operational circumstances call for a very customised approach in crew and cargo transfer. We offer completely tailored solutions including but not limited to risk evaluations, operational reviews, field or installation assessments, crane inspections, vessel inspections and offshore crew transfer equipment modifications.

Reflex Marine training

Reflex Marine training courses cover the following modules and can be customised according to your requirements, namely risk awareness and operational strategy, operational best practice, passenger induction and inspection and maintenance. The company’s training courses will provide you with the necessary information to help you ensure safety in offshore crew and cargo transfer at all levels of the operations.