Reflex Marine, a global leader in offshore crew transfer equipment and a familiar name in the US waters, is celebrating the sixth anniversary of its WAVE-4 personnel transfer basket. WAVE-4 safely transports four standing passengers and has the smallest footprint of any rigid carrier. WAVE-4 brings all the benefits of a seated transfer carrier to a product for standing passengers.

Convenient for landing, storage, and shipping, with the smallest footprint of any rigid basket or device, WAVE-4 brings the following features to the table, namely simple maintenance schedule, reduced maintenance downtime, secure passenger positioning with added security from vertical safety restraints, buoyant and self-righting in case of immersion, easy MedEvac mode ensuring the casualty in slide-in stretcher remains above the waterline in case of immersion and rapid entry and exit from clear access points. WAVE-4 is ideal for low volume routine crew transfers, medical evacuations and as part of a contingency plan.

Reflex Marine’s engineering manager Paul Onions comments: “American Petroleum Institute stated recently that safety is their top priority, and they are constantly improving the technologies, standards and best practices and programmes that protect our workers and our environment. Here at Reflex Marine, we echo that statement and WAVE-4 consolidates 25 years of experience, best practices, research and development, all used to design and develop the most advance and safest crew transfer device for standing passengers.”

WAVE-4 is a proud winner of the Safety At Sea Seatrade Award and is being used by major operators across the world. The offshore LNG industry is by far the most avid user of WAVE-4. Reflex Marine’s YouTube Channel features useful videos on WAVE-4 as well as webinar recordings both on WAVE-4 and LNG. It is worth mentioning that next in line in Reflex Marine’s Webinar Series is LNG focused one, scheduled for July 28th. WAVE-4 will be discussed, Paul Onions confirms. To sign up, please visit the relevant link at the top of the Reflex Marine main page.