SENTINEL Special Branch Pakistan offers an extensive variety of security solutions for different sectors. It operates in challenging environments and conflict areas worldwide and is prepared to cater to unique customer requirements with 100% alertness and absolute discretion in every situation.

Its comprehensive range of security services includes:

  • On-board security service in high-risk areas
  • Escort of transport and goods
  • Drilling and haulage plant surveillance and storage protection
  • Close protection
  • Investigations

Security services for drilling plants and haulage plants

Our on-board security service concentrates on high-risk areas and provides active and passive anti-piracy measures, including pre-voyage preparation, armed vessel escorts and professional hostage negotiations. SENTINEL Special Branch’s security service includes the surveillance and protection of drilling platforms.

SENTINEL offers on-board security in high-risk areas, as well as the surveillance and protection of drilling platforms. We provide masters for vessels with all the required licenses available.
Our customised and flexible onshore security solutions range from escorts of transport and goods on land to the surveillance and protection of haulage plants.
SENTINEL uses well-trained and highly experienced professionals. All our security personnel are either ex-Special Forces or from the armed police and work with state-of-the-art equipment.

It can also provide experienced, licenced masters on all onboard security tours in high-risk areas, such as oil container vessels and towboats.

Security for transport escorts and haulage plants

Our broad range of security services also covers escorts of transport and goods in transit on land. Our highly qualified specialists accompany vehicles through any high-risk area. They are well-trained in military tactics and are experienced in convoy security to protect assets during transit.

Our onshore security portfolio also includes the surveillance and protection of haulage plants. We offer flexible and customised services, which can be adjusted depending on the object, the local political situation, calculated risks and other circumstances.

Close protection and business investigations

SENTINEL provides personal protection for personnel from public and private sectors. Our security professionals conduct long-range, collateral and direct close protection.

In addition, we offer business investigations, accompanied by many years of international experience for major companies in the industrial, trade, law, economic and insurance sectors. Our extensive experience covers different aspects of business crime investigations, such as plagiarising of merchandise, due diligence examinations, fraud, corruption, counterfeiting and economic espionage.

Highly experienced security personnel

Our team consists only of well-trained professionals with specialised experience in the civilian and police sector. All of our security team are either ex-Special Forces or armed police.

Our staff are individually trained and selected for each mission to meet our high quality standards. Advanced and continuous education and training are essential for all of our employees and they only work with state-of-the-art equipment.

Individual and customised training

To allow effective protection, SENTINEL Special Branch has its own training facility.

In order to maintain a high level of quality and safety, we continuously train our staff in our own training, evaluation and assessment facility in Pakistan, so we can immediately respond to any changes in the security sector, such as changes in pirate tactics. Our security team is individually prepared and briefed for every mission.

Topics covered in our training sessions include:

  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Close combat
  • Firearms qualification
  • Recognition of explosive substances
  • Law
  • Psychology of perception and stress
  • Advanced first aid
  • Fire safety
  • Hostile environment
  • De-escalation
  • Leadership training

Flexible security solutions

SENTINEL always aims to offer the best individual security package for our clients. Our missions are always in compliance with the local law. Our operational control centre is always informed about the current state of affairs during missions and is available 24/7. We also have a local control team to support unexpected emergencies.