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Sales and Servicing of Lifeboats, Fast Rescue Craft, On-Load Release Mechanisms and Davits

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Survival Craft Inspectorate has over 18 years’ experience in the inspection, testing and servicing of lifeboats, fast rescue craft (FRC), on-load release mechanisms, winches and davits. Servicing experience includes oil and gas platforms, FPSO and FSO vessels, offshore drilling rigs, crude carriers, standby vessels, commercial shipping, and shore-based SOLAS training facilities

Survival Craft Inspectorate is also an OEM of a wide range of conventional and freefall lifeboats, FRC, safe-launch on-load release mechanisms, winches and davits.

Lifeboat, fast rescue craft and davit inspection, servicing and testing

Survival Craft Inspectorate is qualified to perform inspections, servicing and testing for lifeboats, FRC, on-load release mechanisms, winches and davits, in full conformance with SOLAS requirements.

An international team of service engineers offers global servicing that includes annual inspections, five-yearly load-testing, fall-wire replacements and on-load release mechanism testing. All procedures are documented and controlled by an ISO 9001 quality system.

Conventional lifeboats with gravity davit systems are available in a range of sizes.
A large range of freefall lifeboats and davits are available.
All lifeboats and FRC are SOLAS approved.
Safelaunch on-load release mechanisms are available for lifeboats and FRC.
Refurbishment includes hull and surface repairs, osmosis repairs, painting, mechanical servicing, and engine overhauls.

New lifeboats, fast rescue craft and davits

Survival Craft Inspectorate manufactures a large range of lifeboats, FRC and davits. All are class approved and fully conform to SOLAS requirements. Specialist teams of engineers are available for installation and commissioning of new boats and davits.

SOLAS 1983/96 and EC-approved boats and equipment

All boats and equipment have been approved in accordance with SOLAS 1983/96 and subsequent amendments and are EC labelled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

Lifeboat on-load release mechanisms

Failure of on-load release mechanisms has been identified as a major factor in lifeboat incidents and accidents.

Survival Craft Inspectorate has studied these failures and developed an on-load release mechanism with advanced safety features. This includes a locking pin system that secures the on-load release mechanism during lifeboat drills and maintenance inspections. These mechanisms can be retrofitted to existing systems by our specialist team of installation engineers.

Lifeboat and davit refurbishment services

Survival Craft Inspectorate offers a comprehensive range of refurbishment services for lifeboats and davits. This includes hull and surface repairs, osmosis repairs, painting, mechanical servicing and engine overhauls.

Lifeboat fire-sprinkler and compressed-air systems service

When installed on lifeboats, fire-sprinkler systems and compressed-air systems can be serviced. All SOLAS equipment and provisions are also checked for condition, and restocked where necessary prior to final sea trials.

Consultancy on SOLAS, IMO directives and lifeboat accident investigation

Survival Craft Inspectorate also offers consultancy services on SOLAS, IMO directives, lifeboat incident and accident investigations and training requirements. This includes review of maintenance strategies, lifeboat-launching procedures and the provision of lifeboat training sessions on-board client vessels.

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