The Premier of Western Australia will officially launch the new freefall lifeboat system at the IFAP Offshore and Maritime Training Centre in Western Australia on 15 October.

In a joint statement, the director of SCI Australia, Mr John Reynolds, and the managing director of IFAP, Mr Martin Ralph, stated that the construction of the jetty and the freefall launch system was proceeding as planned and nearing completion.

SCI assigned a team of experienced installation and commissioning engineers from their international operations to install the freefall lifeboat and davit system. A similar freefall lifeboat system was recently installed and commissioned by SCI at the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies in the UK.

The freefall lifeboat training system will enable IFAP to further assist offshore clients fulfill their regulatory training requirements. It will also reduce the time and cost associated with sending personnel to overseas freefall lifeboat training centres.

IFAP operations manager, Mike Gillespie, highlighted that the freefall training courses will complement the large range of training courses already available at IFAP. This includes conventional lifeboat training (TEMPSC), fast rescue craft operation (FRC) and offshore BOSIET, FOET, TBOSIET and TFOET survival training courses.

The location of this new facility, adjacent to Fremantle Port will also assist maritime operators fulfill their SOLAS requirements. Fremantle Port currently hosts 1,100 ships annually and an additional 2,000 ships visit WA’s six regional ports. Many of these vessels have freefall lifeboats installed and will be able to take advantage of the freefall training course at IFAP.

Further details on lifeboats and training courses can be obtained by contacting IFAP or Survival Craft Inspectorate.