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Techno Fibre Announces the Successful Launch of TESCA

Techno Fibre’s technical support and consultancy agreement programme (TESCA) aims to raise the standards of LSA equipment servicing.Within weeks of announcing the launch of Techno Fibre’s technical support and consultancy agreement programme (TESCA) for raising the standards of LSA equipment servicing, two major organisations have expressed serious interest in taking advantage of the programme.

TESCA aims to help companies to improve their proficiency, and in turn, keep lifeboats and davits properly serviced and maintained, thus serving the very purpose of their existence – saving the lives of seafarers.

Global Integrated Services (GIS) has signed on for the lifeboat and davit servicing package option, as the company already has an active sales division offering marine and lifeboat services. GIS is looking to expand the activities of its LSA sales division in the North Sea.

The servicing access package, which includes online access to technical, servicing and maintenance manuals and protocols, as well as to the proprietary ALIAS database, provides all the necessary infrastructure to assist to gain access to Techno Fibres’ maintenance and servicing procedures. These procedures are designed for a multitude of lifeboat and davit types and brands, ensuring that requisite maintenance and servicing is carried out in the most proficient and professional manner.

The second company , which is currently undergoing the formal registration requirements in India and whose name and location will be announced once formalities have been completed, is taking full advantage of this unique package by contracting for the full management and training system, which includes:

  • 3 month training of lifeboat and davit service technicians at Techno Fibre’s Singapore facility, after which successful trainees will be issued with the prestigious Singapore Institute of Technical Education certificate
  • On-site management training and support for a period of 6 months
  • Fibreglass lifeboat repair training and certification
  • Full set of management manuals for start-up operations of a lifeboat and davit service facility
  • Full set of ISO procedures, documents, and templates for lifeboat and davit services
  • Online access of Techno Fibre’s technical library of Techno Fibre procedures for lifeboat and davit maintenanceand servicing
  • Online access to IMO / SOLAS regulations and updates
  • Spare parts access
  • Assistance in applications for manufacturers training and certification
  • Assistance in applications for regulatory bodies certifications and approvals
  • Full access to Techno Fibre’s proprietary ALIAS service records database
  • Techno Fibre Group support and assistance
  • Agents discount on all Techno Fibre products
  • Centralised global referral services

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