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Lifeboat and Davit Inspection, Maintenance, Testing and Certification Services

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Techno Fibre (TF), with offices in Singapore, China, Australia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Dubai, offers services ranging from servicing, testing and certification to the TF rigid safety net (RSN), free fall lifeboat test kit, SR2D and lifeboat fall preventive fibre strops.

Techno Fibre is manned by fully trained and manufacturers-certified engineers that professionally meet the needs of our clients. On call 24/7, we guarantee the deployment of our response team at the earliest possible opportunity.

Techno Fibre’s primary concern is safety for mariners at sea. It underlies everything we do. Our teams of qualified service engineers provide customised solutions by offering high-quality, efficient and cost-effective professional services worldwide.

Lifeboat and davit inspection and overhauling services

Techno Fibre provides annual and five-yearly inspection and overhauling of lifeboat and davit systems as per MSC 1206 guidelines.

Hook change-out in progress at a TF workshop.
TF RSN being deployed to retrieve a casualty from the water.
The TF fall preventive device (FPD) is regulated under MSC 1327 guidelines.
The TF SR2D.
TF carrying out davits servicing.

Load testing of lifeboats and davit systems

We provide load testing of lifeboats, davit systems, gangway, accommodation ladders and cranes up to 35t SWL.

Lifeboat maintenance and repairs

Techno Fibre offers FRP repairs and training and lifeboat hooks release system change-outs.

Lifeboat and davit system training

Techno Fibre provides workshop and familiarisation training on the lifeboat and davit systems, particularly in safe operations of lifeboat and release systems.

Lifeboat and davit system commissioning and technical support

We commissioning new lifeboats and davit systems and provide 24/7 technical support to owners / operators.

Marine safety equipment

We offer sales of marine safety equipment such as the lifeboat fall preventive device (FPD), fibre strops (as per MSC 1327 guidelines), the free fall lifeboat test kit SR2D and TF RSN.

We also sell and service firefighting equipment and systems at our Malaysia and Dubai stations.

Techno Fibre’s accreditations

Techno Fibre has attained numerous accreditations since its inception in 1993. In addition to Lloyds, DNV, BV, ABS, KR, and GL class, its stations have also been accredited by various governmental authorities such as MCA, UK, Russian Register of Shipping (RS) and Vietnamese Register (VE).

Press Releases

  • Techno Fibre Announces the Successful Launch of TESCA

    Within weeks of announcing the launch of Techno Fibre's technical support and consultancy agreement programme (TESCA) for raising the standards of LSA equipment servicing, two major organisations have expressed serious interest in taking advantage of the programme.

  • TechnoFIBRE Announces New Fall Preventer Device

    TechnoFIBRE is a Singapore-based company which has, for many years, been leading the introduction of innovative 'novel' safety products, paying particular attention to the areas of lifeboat and rescue craft safety for the maritime community.

  • Lifeboat and Davit Services Affected by Sub Standard Service Providers

    For a number of years, IMO, classification societies, flag states and shipping associations have been placing great emphasis on lifeboat safety in an effort to reduce the number of reported deaths and injuries which are occurring within the industry. Lifeboat and davit manufacturers ha

  • Techno Fibre Launches Latest Range of Safety Products

    Singapore-based Techno Fibre, generally known as a leading lifeboat and davit services company, has launched two marine safety products. The first products its very own TF rigid safety net (RSN). The Technofibre rigid safety net is designed as a multifunctional, multiconfigurable safet

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