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Saving Lives with TIC/CBRN & Blast Protection for Explosive Industrial Environments

Temet is a world leader in blast protection and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems for protecting both people and equipment in industrial facilities.


In industrial applications, the threat of explosions and the need for shelter equipment is often overlooked. However, adequate protection can prevent the escalation of a minor explosion into a catastrophic event.

A safe industrial facility must protect its employees, equipment, as well as its functionality and continuity from any extreme circumstances. A clear example is the need to protect the backup generator in a nuclear power plant, but an often forgotten example is the control room and its operators, which need to remain safe and functional.

Temet is a world leader in blast protection and TIC / CBRN filtration systems for protecting both people and equipment in industrial facilities, ensuring the facility functionality and safety. Many of the company’s advanced and cost-effective blast protection solutions are installed in industrial facilities worldwide.

HV-series blast dampers installed on a control building.
Temet PV-KK blast valves installed in front of ventilation opening to prevent advance of blast wave into the building.

Temet’s solutions for the industrial sector have naturally emerged from decades of being a world leader in blast and CBRN protection for critical infrastructures, Civil Defense shelters and command centres. These solutions and expertise were customised to best fit the industrial sector needs and are tested and certified to the highest industrial standards and surpassing even the stringent Nuclear requirements.

Customisation projects are welcomed.

Blast Protection Valves and Dampers

Temet provides the most advanced solutions designed for blast scenarios, whether caused by fire, gas or man-made explosions.

Our large variety of valves and dampers can be also customised perfectly for your specific needs.

Our range of products includes Blast Dampers (HV Dampers), Blast Valves (PV-KK and many others), High-Temperature Blast Valves, Over-pressure Valves, Closing Valves (Gas-tight Shut-off Valves), Cable Transmission sleeves and others in many sizes and blast protection ranging from one to 100 bar.

The main two models are the HV Damper and the PV-KK blast valves.

The HV Blast Damper

The HV Blast Damper is a single-acting blast damper, meaning that when HV Damper is at its normal position (open for airflow), it will be closed immediately when in contact with a blast wave and will remain closed.

The PV-KK Blast valve

The PV-KK Blast valve is a double-acting blast valve, meaning that when the blast hit the valve it will close to withstand the blast waves (both incident and reflected pressures) and will return to its open position to allow continuous airflow.

Our products hold the required standards and certification to satisfy even the more severe requirements and are available in hot-dip galvanised versions and the stainless steel version for corrosive environments.

Other Temet Solutions for the Industrial Sector

Blast Protection Doors

Temet delivers a variety of Blast Protection Doors (one bar to over 300 bar), including standard and customised doors for special applications. Doors can be motorised and remote-controlled and other options are available.

Complete Hardened Shelter

The company provides a range of stationary, portable and customised shelter solutions. Such shelters are used to protect the command centres and their operators or provide shelter for the employees in case of an emergency. They can be dispatched to a temporary location or to be used to retrofit existing facilities where a threat may arise.

CBRN Filtration and CO₂ removal systems

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC/TIM) filtration systems with the optional CO₂ removal system for an extended stay.

About Temet

The company was established in 1953. Since the first Finnish Civil Defence Shelters regulations, Temet is the leader in the Finnish market and naturally evolved to become an international leader. Its product portfolio consists of a full range of sheltering and blast mitigation equipment, including blast-proof valves, doors and hatches, CBRN filtration systems, regenerative CO₂ removal systems, shelter automation and complete shelter design and construction.

Dictated by its leading position, Temet is committed to lab and field-proven solutions, innovative research and development (R&D) and full customer support. This commitment is the foundation for Temet’s customer-based approach from design and customisation, through installation to full commissioning and training.

The company is continuously investing in our R&D and engineering capabilities, our production capacity and pioneering automation for high-quality and fast deliveries and our quality assurance and management systems. With our goal of saving lives, we must provide our clients and partners with the best fail-proof solution on the market.

Temet is part of the Temet Group, an international group offering a complete and evolving portfolio of products and services for blast and CBRN protection shelters. Within Temet Group are Temet Finland, Temet Construction, Temet Services, Temet Dubai, Temet Singapore, Temet India and more.

The company has an excellent track record of almost 70 years in over 85 countries and more than 50,000 shelter projects completed successfully, protecting millions of lives.


  • Temet Saving Lives

    We hold preparedness, protection and self-reliance in high regard. We have nearly 70 years of experience in blast-proof shelter protection. 

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Products & services

  • PV-KK Industrial Series Blast Valve

    Blast valves are protective elements for air intakes and outlets. Temet blast valves are providing protection up to 100 bar, based on the model.

  • HV Series Blast Damper

    Blast Damper is designed to protect personnel and critical equipment against blast wave created by an explosion in an industrial facility.

  • Temet Range of Products

    Temet's product palette offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impact is required within civil defence and military shelters.

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