Blast valves are protective elements for air intakes and outlets. Temet blast valves are providing protection up to 100 bar, based on the model. The industrial series blast will be installed on a surface mounted on the wall.

Blast valves are designed to prevent the penetration of blast waves caused by an explosion through the air channels into the facility. They are installed in every open-air channel penetrating the pressure protection line of the facility.

PV-KK Industrial Series Blast Valves

Used in air intake and outlet, PV-KK Blast Valve prevents the advance of blast wave into the building. In an event of an explosion, it opens and closes independently by the force of the blast wave, allowing a constant flow of air. Industrial PV-KK is designed for a major incident.

Main features

  • High blast resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Self-actuating closing and opening