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Offshore Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment

Tryall is a leading engineering and procurement supplier based in Houston, Texas, US, servicing industrial clients worldwide in the petrochemical, electrical and mining industries.

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Tryall is a leading engineering and procurement supplier based in Houston, Texas, US, servicing industrial clients worldwide in the petrochemical, electrical and mining industries.

Tryall offers an extensive range of industrial (pipes, gaskets, valves, packers, tubing, oil country tubular goods (OCTG) casings, fittings, connectors, lubricants), electrical and instrumentation, safety (personal protective equipment: gloves, hard hats, coveralls, safety glasses, welding shields, safety boots, etc.) technical and promotional supplies.

Our sales team supports clients in the US, West Africa and Europe in an efficient, timely and cost-saving manner. As a result of Tryall’s efforts to develop long-term relationships with key suppliers in the US, Europe and Asia, our company has been able to provide significant cost-saving benefits to our clients.

Our vast supplier network ranges from ABB to Westinghouse in order to provide a comprehensive source of supply. Included in this group is an extensive list of qualified subcontractors who provide inspection services and drilling fluids.

Tryall's extensive range of industrial supplies includes drill pipe.
Tryall provides OTCG casing and tubular equipment needed for drilling operations, including lubricants.
Tryall provides private label coveralls (both non and flame-retardant) which are manufactured to ISO standards.
Tryall's PPE line includes high-impact gloves.
Tryall services industrial clients worldwide in the petrochemical, electrical and mining industries.

Maintenance, repair and operations equipment for the offshore industry

Tryall welcomes the opportunity to discuss your future procurement needs and to collaborate with you on your upcoming maintenance, repair and operations equipment (MROE) projects where sourcing from the US, European and Asian market is required.

Tryall forms close relationships with our clients to identify spare parts for their plant and offshore operations. These parts include the provision of OTCG casing and tubular equipment needed for drilling operations, including fittings, gaskets, valves, tubing, connectors and lubricants.

Oil country tubular goods casing and tubular materials

We provide the highest quality service representatives available in the oilfield for premium and API threaded OCTG. Our personnel are oilfield veterans averaging more than 15 years’ experience in a wide range of tubular material and connection types.

Our field representatives have successfully supervised and run in excess of 57,000,000ft of tubing and casing for end finishers, oil companies and drilling operators. This footage represents 122 different connector types threaded by 23 different manufacturers on 34 various grades of material. Included are a range of downhole products such as plugs, packers, valves, well pumps and gas-lift valves.

Personal protective equipment: gloves, coveralls and safety boots

Health and safety are paramount to Tryall and we have embraced the entire ethos of health and safety equipment (HSE). In doing so, we offer high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) and products to our clients.

PPE is extremely essential in today’s work environment. Tryall is an independent distributor of PPE, offering an extensive range of stock from some of the leading manufacturers in the market. Be sure to also inquire about our private label coveralls (both non and flame-retardant) and FR jackets.

Our PPE line is manufactured to ISO standards. Items include coveralls, hi-vis apparel, hard hats, safety goggles and glasses, safety work boots, ear defenders, gloves, as well as specialized protective equipment such as air respirators and harnesses.

We supply a number of local operators and service companies not only in the oil industry but other heavy industries such as construction and mining.

Chemical and drilling fluids for the offshore industry

We carry a complete line of drilling, workover, completion fluid additives and stimulation products to fit any application.

Our manufacturer has an in-house chemical laboratory facility, along with a staffed degreed chemist. Their in-house laboratory and technical analysts provide computer-generated solvent programs designed to optimize quantity requirements in relation to rig cost. Dedicated to optimizing cleaning processes, we provide custom blending with the highest quality control to meet ISO standards.

Our specialty chemical blends will be packaged, stored and shipped directly to the client’s facility worldwide. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, the chemicals are stored in 5gal pails, 55gal drums, or 350/550gal bulk tanks.

Completion design, equipment specification and selection services

Tryall’s extensive experience working in the oil and gas industry enables us to provide technical consultation and direction for ongoing operations to our clients.

Services include completion design, equipment specification and selection (from the reservoir through to the wing valves on the tree). Our engineering team ensures that completion design meets well objectives and is performed in accordance with established standards. They plan operations from work program / procedures, including risk assessments and peer reviews, assist in completion-related budget and AFE generation, and provide offshore operations support during completion operations.

To finalize, the post-operation close-out phase includes reviewing performance against plan, capturing lessons learned and developing solutions to problems to improve performance, identification and implementation of technology to reduce cost and/or add value, completion-related contract tender preparation, bid evaluation and contract management and identifying, negotiating and managing strategic relationships with content and technological partners.

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