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Tryall Releases Free White Paper

Tryall, an America-based engineering and procurement supplier servicing the petrochemical, electrical and mining industries worldwide, has released a free white paper on Offshore Technology.

The white paper includes information on Tryall’s range of protective gloves, including their Clutch Gear mechanic gloves, contender cut-resistant composite-yarn gloves, Emerald CX wire-core cut-resistant string knit gloves and Dyneema® cut-resistant palm-coated gloves.

You can also find information on Tryall’s product testing, such as:

  • ASTM cut test (according to the ASTM F1790-05 standard)
  • Thermal test (lab test measures for ASTM F1060-87 levels of conductive heat resistance)
  • Puncture test (EN388: 1994 standard)
  • Abrasion test (test according to the ASTM D3389-94 standard for abrasion resistance using the Taber test machine.)
  • Impact test (A predetermined weight is dropped onto a glove from a set height. The machine measures the force transferred through the glove.This test allows us to design and select the best glove for industries like oil extraction and mining)

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