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Extremely Durable Tags and Safety Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

TUFFA Products is the supplier of choice for the Oil and Gas and Resource sectors for all their tagging requirements and safety solutions.

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TUFFA Products’ extensive catalogue of custom safety solutions was designed specifically to meet offshore industry demands.

The company’s product range includes its flagship collection of TUFFA Tags, as well as prestart and safety books, safety signs and notices, wire locks, industrial labels and printed pipe markers.

Heavy-duty industrial tags for offshore working conditions

Our TUFFA Tags have proven to be robust and hard-wearing in even the most adverse marine environments, allowing them to overcome fading and tearing issues faced by competing products on the market.

Manufactured to withstand the harshest industrial conditions, TUFFA Tags are made from incredibly tough Raptor Poly material, and are resistant against UV exposure, water damage and oil and chemicals contamination.

Our flange tags can be customised to include company logos and branding, are ideal for inspections, as well as joint integrity and breaking containment applications.
TUFFA tags are manufactured from highly durable Raptor Poly materials, ensuring customers a long-lasting and robust tagging system that is able to withstand even the harshest climates and weather conditions.
TUFFA’s tear, water and UV-resistant flange tags can be customised to comply with your specific flange management procedures. Let us assist you in achieving leak-free start-ups every time through accountability and traceability.
Our Take 5 safety programme is both easy to follow and simple to implement, and is intended to be referred to by personnel before undertaking any task. A simple and convenient pocket-size safety system.
TUFFA’s range of wire locks are colour-coded and manufactured from corrosion-resistant alloy bodies. They are engraved with unique serial numbers for traceability, making them a highly secure and cost-effective method of locking-out valves and any other equipment where standard LOTO products are impractical.

Their heavy-duty construction gives clients the peace of mind to know that applying a TUFFA Tag to important equipment and machinery means it will stay tagged, regardless of how extreme the working environment is.

Customisable tags for flange joint management

Joint integrity management is a critical process across all oil and gas projects, and TUFFA Flange tags are the ideal tool for supervisors and engineers alike to create a system of traceability and accountability for their flange management procedures.

Our tags allow customers to take their flange management procedures to the next level by the addition of sequential numbering features, facilitating comprehensive and organised tagging.

TUFFA is an expert in flange management tagging, and supplies fully customisable, organisation-branded tags to a long list of loyal clients on an international scale.

The company is able to create bespoke tags tailored to customers’ specific requirements, which are able to further boost corporate images by featuring company logos.

Secure lock systems for the oil and gas sector

TUFFA wire locks are an excellent, all purpose, multi-use lock-out device that is becoming increasingly popular within the offshore sector.

Products are equipped with a unique, one-use ID number making them tamperproof, and once the cable is inserted it can only be removed by cutting.

The wire also splays to prevent reinsertion, which makes the device a versatile and secure safety option.

TUFFA’s lock-out range also includes a number of hasps and padlocks, in addition to circuit breakers, valve and group lock-outs and lock-outs stations.

Safety literature to help protect marine personnel

TUFFA is pleased to offer an array of printed safety materials, and its range of off-the-shelf items can be customised according to clients’ particular needs and requirements.

Our Take 5 safety books have been carefully written and created to help workplaces reduce and avoid many of the accidents that occur during marine applications.

The Take 5 system is simple and easy to follow, and is designed to be referred to regularly by all staff onsite before undertaking a potentially dangerous task or activity. TUFFA’s Take 5 range of guides and handbooks includes Hazard prompts, Controls, Risk Matrix, Probability, Tolerability Levels and JSA.

Our company is also committed to ensuring hazard protection for clients by supplying a number of safety signs, which are compliant for use in the workplace and manufactured in Australia from high-quality materials.

Signs identity potential hazards in your warehouse or worksite, and can be used to both inform and update your workforce of nearby risks. If your organisation has unique needs for a safety sign, we are also able to deliver customised designs upon request.

TUFFA offer online orders, with quick turnaround and free shipping on select items.

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