Worker safety is something that should never be done by halves.

At TUFFA™, we don’t take safety lightly. In fact, we’ve created a whole product range around safety.

Our range of products is made to withstand the hazards of major infrastructure worksites in the resource sector, while ensuring that you and your workers do the same.

TUFFA™ Tags are manufactured from our durable Raptor Poly and designed to withstand the harshest and most extreme of outdoor conditions.

Our tags are UV-resistant, waterproof and tear-resistant, ensuring that critical information is legible and isn’t going anywhere once tied.

TUFFA™ Tags can be custom printed to match your exact needs, custom shapes, a variety of colours, sequentially numbered tags and tear off perforated tags are available to order.

Our TUFFA™ Products Take 5 Safety Books and Hazard Reports can be easily and quickly introduced into existing workplace safety practices.

Take 5 Safety Books are designed to minimise the risk of an accident by having all staff complete the Take 5 Job Safety Analysis prior to undertaking a potentially hazardous task.

The Take 5 Job Safety Analysis check list identifies the hazards and risks unique to your workplace.

Take 5 Safety Books also include risk assessment tools such as tolerability levels, risk ranking matrix and control measures.

Our safety book range also includes a range of Safety Permit Books which include proper procedure checklists, supreme image carbonless paper for duplicate copies.

We print these in-house and can incorporate your specific job site requirements and procedures and other relevant data into your own corporate branded pocket book.

Vehicle and machinery prestart checklists are available to order or downloadable online for painless introduction into workforce.

Our comprehensive range of vehicle and machinery prestart, permit and safety books is designed to help you assess your vehicles and machinery before use.

Choose from our range of 22 books or make your own; prestart safety books will detect potential hazards and any damage or wear and tear of equipment.

TUFFA™ Products will keep important information safe too. Our Waterproof Notebooks are made from tough synthetic paper with heavy-duty poly covers.

Available in two sizes, A5 and a handy pocket-size, these notebooks will protect your notes and measurements from any on-site mishaps.

How tough are the products you’re using? Are they as TUFFA™ as ours?