Vanguard Unveils its Newest Range of Release Hook Systems

Vanguard Composite Engineer, a Singapore-based lifeboat manufacturer, has unveiled its latest range of rescue boat hook-release systems.

The designers and manufacturers of the Vanguard ‘SH’ Series lifeboat hook release systems, complete with the fall prevention device (FPD) and yellow safety tags fitted as standard, have now unveiled their latest ‘Spearhead 15’ rescue boat ‘on-off load’ hook-release system. Made completely of stainless steel, it has a requirement to be serviced only once in every five years. Designed to meet the requirements of IMO in relation to rescue boats under 1.5t.

The SSH 35, is another hook-release system, designed for use as an automatic ‘off-load’ hook-release system, specifically for the fast rescue boats. Again, designed with the use of stainless steel, it is fully serviceable by Vanguard service agents worldwide. Both the Spearhead 15 and SSH35 are the first of their kind to carry the KR MED approvals.

All three variants of the hook-release systems are fitted with the iconic safety tags as standard and are available as an option for the Vanguard range of fast rescue crafts.

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