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Allen Filters

Industrial Fluid Filtration and Purification Specialists

PO Box 747,
65801 Missouri,
United States of America

Founded in 1948, Allen Filters, Inc, (AFI), has maintained its commitment to stewarding the environment and preserving precious resources for decades. AFI has solved unique fluid purification challenges, manufactured reliable and quality equipment, incorporated latest technology with continual innovation, and provided experienced-based consultation to clients. AFI has earned a global reputation for superior quality, excellence, reliability and customer service. With experience gained from organizations of every scope and size, across all industries, with varied applications, AFI, provides custom engineered solutions designed to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Stewarding the environment; equipping the world…is at the core of Allen’s business philosophy.

Allen system series

Allen oil conditioner (AOC) – through a patented vacuum distillation process, the AOC removes free, emulsified and dissolved water down to 5ppm, either in multiple or single passes; hydrocarbon gases (entrained and dissolved) H2S and C1-C13; solids down to 5 µ and acidity. Flash point and viscosity restored to as-new or better conditions. The AOC is capable of flow rates up to 3,000gph. The AOC operates in both batch and online modes.

Allen HydroscavTM(AHS) – the AHS uses Allen-patented aero-jet mixer air stripping technology. The AHS oil purifier removes water down to 50ppm, solids down to 5µ and hydrocarbon gases: H2S and C1- C9. The AHS is capable of variable flow rates up to 1,200gph and operates in both batch and online modes.

Allen coalescer separator (ACS) – the ACS removes free and emulsified water from a range of fluids down to saturation level at a given temperature. An automatic water drain allowed for continuous operation while the unit is in full operation.

Allen tap filter changer (ATF): the ATF provides optimal conditions for oil filled transformer tap changers. The ATF will increase the reliability, service life and safety of the tap changer and reduce overall maintenance costs. The ATF operates in both batch and online modes.

Allen vessel series

Allen filter vessel (AFM): The AFM is designed in configurations and sizes to meet specific user requirements. The AFM, either duplex or simplex models, utilise any Allen manufactured filters elements, as well as, other standard designed elements. All AFM vessels are ASME code designed and ASME stamping is an available option.

Allen strainer vessel (ASV): the ASV is designed in configurations and sizes to meet specific user requirements. Equipped with Allen stainless strainers, these vessels are designed for pre-filtration of gross solids at high flow rates.

Optional ASME code stamping is also available. In addition, approval for hi-shock and marine installations is available. Some of the fluids purified include transformer, hydraulic, gear, lube oil, compressor, seal oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel and kerosene.

Allen filter elements

Element sizes include: 7in x 18in, 6in x 18in, 6in x 36in, 11in x 18in and 11in x 22in. These elements are manufactured with varying flow rates based on the type of filter and fluid to be processed.

  • FloMasterTM stacked disc solids elements: Down to 1µ solid filtration
  • Fuller’s earth element: adsorbs color and acidity
  • Cellulose element: removes varnish and moisture from oil and fuels
  • Activated carbon element: adsorbs chemicals and odor
  • Activated alumina element: adsorbs chemicals from water
  • Polypropylene element: stacked disc solids element used for high temperature
  • Stainless strainer element: stainless, heavy-duty construction for maximising element lifespan.
  • Coalescer element: removes free and emulsified water – used with separator element
  • Separator element: repels coalesced water droplets

Allen Filters, Inc.

PO Box 747




United States of America