Vacuum Distillation for Industrial Oil Purification With the Best Available Technology

Can oil last indefinitely?

We do not really know how long oil can be purified and reused.

In 60-year history of manufacturing oil purification equipment, Allen Filters has yet to experience a situation where, with routine and thorough purification with our equipment, the oil could not be reused for a very long time.

We consider oil a renewable resource.

In order to achieve the most effective design of equipment for oil purification and reuse, Allen Filters has consistently applied the best available technologies, such as computational hydrodynamic modelling followed by pilot testing, to constantly improve the performance of its equipment.

Allen Filters has also consistently equipped their systems with state-of-the-art electronic process controls to produce equipment that operates in a safe, consistent, reliable and stable manner.

Used worldwide in 123 countries our equipment is operational, in several cases after more than 60 years, rendering reliable and trouble-free service to utilities, refineries, oil and gas plants, chemical plants and hydroelectric plants among others.

Some have yet to waste their initial oil quantity.

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