Dutch Filtration designed and manufactured a 2,400ft² Filter Press with a semi-automatic plate shifter for the safe and easy shifting of 1,500 plates. The 6in manifold allows flow rates up to 50 BPM and a maximum of 105psi. Certified DNV2.7-1 for offshore lifting.

The Stackable Dual Slurry Skid with 2x 22 BBL mix tanks are fitted with pneumatic mixers, ARO diaphragm pumps, and two 75-round filter vessels with Rudi Quick Opening Closures. All SS316 piping and Asahi butterfly valves, DNV2.7-1 certified. The large working platform can be safely accessed via a ladder.

The Diatomaceous Earth will be dosed automatically from the dosing skid. This pneumatically operated system has two tanks with each one a big bag of D.E. filter aid. The filter aid will be quickly transported to the injector manifold at the mixing skid via a 2in hose for dust-free dosing and mixing.

This high-flow filter package is designed for the filtration of well-completion fluids at high rates for (ultra) deep offshore operations.