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Filtration Equipment Designed and Manufactured for the Oil and Gas Industry

Dutch Filtration specialises in the design and in-house manufacturing of filter equipment and consumables for oilfield and oil and gas applications.


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Dutch Filtration BV specialises in the design and production of advanced filtration equipment and filter consumables for the upstream oil and gas sector, renewable energy field, and process industry. Our deep expertise in filtration solutions has been honed through years of hands-on experience.

Our unique approach involves the full spectrum of design, innovation, engineering, and in-house manufacturing, enabling us to maintain a high level of adaptability and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

A wide range of filtration equipment suitable for different applications

Dutch Filtration provides solutions that cater to a wide range of applications within the offshore industry and energy sector, including wastewater, completion fluids and water injection. Moreover, we extend our expertise to the process industry, addressing needs such as the filtration of cooling water, industrial process water and water pre-treatment.

Other applications include:

  • Produced Water
  • Workover Fluids
  • Gravel Pack Fluids
  • Stimulation Fluids/Acids
  • (Bio) Diesel
  • Surface/Sea Water Intake
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Frac Fluids
  • Waste Water/Slop Water
  • Pre-Filtration RO
  • Pipeline Flushing
  • Cooling Water filtration
  • Waste Water Recovery
  • Liquid – Gas Coalescing
  • (Dry) Gas Filtration
  • Liquid-Liquid Coalescing
  • Amine and Glycol Filtration
  • Decommissioning water clean-up
  • Geothermal

In offshore oil and gas production, where significant water usage and wastewater generation occur, effective filtration is essential for water reuse or safe disposal. Our range of filter equipment adheres to rigorous industry standards like P.E.D., ASME, EN13445, ASTM, and ATEX.

Stackable Filter Press
Duplex Filter Unit
Stackable Filter Press 2400 with Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter
Vertical Pressure Filter Unit with Hydraulic Power Pack
High-Flow Pleated Filter cartridges
Filter consumables
Rudi Quick Opening Closure
Stainless Steel Filter vessels for High-Flow Filter
Dual Vessel Bag Filter unit
Hydrocyclone Filter Package

Dutch Filtration offers industry-compliant filter equipment. Our frames are certified per DNV2.7-1, and our vessels can be constructed to PED / ASME VIII / EN13445 standards. Our team assists in equipment startup and commissioning, mindful of the stringent requirements of the offshore and process industries. We offer on-site training and expert guidance to select the ideal filtration solution for your needs. Our product support extends to post-production and onshore/offshore installation.

Our range of filter equipment:

  • Dual Vessel Filter Units (cartridge, bag and combi)
  • Filter Presses
  • Mixing Slurry Skids
  • Pump Skids (diesel and electric driven)
  • Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter Units
  • Cartridge and Bag Filter Vessels
  • Hose Baskets
  • Dust Free DE dosing system
  • Media Filters
  • Custom Fabricated strainers/skids
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Filters

Quick-opening closure for cartridge and bag filter units – Rudi quick-opening closure

Dutch Filtration has engineered an exclusive and robust quick-opening closure system tailored for all our cartridge and bag filter units and vessels, with a special focus on serving the oil and gas sector. This pressure vessel closure system is specially designed for safe, ergonomic, quick and leak-free change out of filter cartridges.

In contrast to the conventional swing bolt closures used in cartridge filter vessels, the Rudi Quick Opening Closure offers a multitude of advantages: no need for loose nuts, no necessity for tools, a secure two-handed operation, and an incredibly fast process, typically taking just a matter of seconds. The Rudi QOC is a solution that guarantees safety, reliability, speed, simplicity, and 100% sealing integrity.

Optimised filtration efficiency with filter consumables

At our company, we offer an extensive range of filter elements that seamlessly integrate with filter elements from renowned brands like Cuno 3M, Pentair, Pall, Parker, Peco Facet, and more.

We have our own manufacturing facility, where we produce filters according to the highest standards in the industry.

Our products are engineered to deliver exceptional filtrate quality, unwavering product reliability, and cost-effective utilization. Our range of filter consumables includes:

  • DutchFlow: Absolute Pleated Cartridges
  • TwistFlow: Nominal Wound Cartridges
  • OilWrap/OilLock: Oil Absorption Cartridges
  • FiberFlow: Spunbonded Filter Elements
  • BagFlow: Polypropylene Filter Bags
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid (DE-media)
  • Metallic Pleated Filters
  • Liquid – Liquid Coalescers
  • Gas – Liquid Coalescers

For fluid filtration demands at high flow rates, we offer an extensive selection of high-flow filter cartridges:

  • High-Flow Pleated Filter Cartridges: MaxFlow, MegaFlow, and WellFlow
  • High Capacity Bags
  • High-Flow Pleated Bags

Leveraging our profound market expertise, we stand ready to assist you in determining the consumables that best align with your specific application.

High-flow filters redefine efficiency and cost savings

In large-scale offshore and industrial applications, the traditional multi-cartridge systems can pose challenges both in terms of size and cost. Enter high-flow filters and housing systems, offering a game-changing solution with a lot of advantages.

High-flow capability, compact design: When dealing with high flow rates or heavy contaminant loads, high-flow filter elements outshine their counterparts. For instance, a single 6.3in UltraFlow High Flow filter can handle a staggering flow rate of up to 110m3/hr (484GPM), all within a compact design. This means you need less space and can achieve exceptional performance compared to conventional pleated filters, often at a fraction of the size.

Lower disposal and maintenance costs: Conventional systems demand substantial time and manpower for cartridge replacements. In contrast, high-flow filter systems feature fewer elements, translating to shorter filter change times. Furthermore, high-flow filter elements boast a longer lifespan, resulting in fewer changeouts. This efficiency not only saves time but also significantly reduces disposal costs.

High-flow filter elements features

  • Fully thermal bonded offering chemical compatibility for most fluids, solvents and chemicals
  • 98% absolute rated efficiency filter equates to a beta ratio of 5,000
  • High-flow capacity allows for smaller houses
  • O-ring seal assures filtration integrity
  • Quick and easy changeout with integrated handle
  • The choice of polypropylene media expands fluid compatibility also available in glass fiber.
  • The high-flow capacity allows for smaller housings and less time to change out cartridges

High-quality rental filter skids for quick and flexible filtration solutions

When a short-term filter system is needed, purchasing new equipment doesn’t always make sense. Dutch Filtration offers high-quality rental filter skids, designed for oilfield and general industry filtration needs. With in-house design, innovation, engineering, and manufacturing, we provide adaptable solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our range includes dual vessel filter units, vertical pressure leaf filters, pump sets, automatic self-cleaning filters, cartridges, and bag filter vessels/housings. All products are DNV2.7-1/ISO 10855/EN 12079 certified for global offshore use. Contact us for availability and pricing.


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