Safer and easier to open filter housings – 2nd Gen. Rudi Safety Quick Opening Closure

Back in 2016, we introduced our innovative Rudi Quick Opening Closure, addressing a common filter housing challenge. Most liquid filtration filter housings have a flat lid with swivel bolts and eye nuts, which often leads to issues related to safety and efficiency during the closing and opening of the filter lid. Since the debut of our first Rudi Quick Opening Closure, we’ve been continuously working on improvements.

Our latest design of the Rudi QOC is even more user-friendly, safer and faster when it comes to opening and closing filter housings.

These are the key advantages of the new Rudi QOC:

  • Safety first!: Our Safety Quick Opening Closure prioritises safety above all else. It ensures that pressure is fully bled off before the closure can be opened, eliminating the risk of sudden releases.
  • Tool-free operation: Opening our closure is a tool-free process. It’s designed for ease and convenience, making your operation smoother and safer.
  • Effortless opening: Opening the housing is now easier than ever. With reduced force required, minimising the risk of injuries.
  • Swift access: Within seconds, you can access the filter elements or filter bags in the vessel.
  • Low maintenance: Our Quick Opening Closure is engineered for minimum maintenance. Thanks to its closed construction and corrosion-proof materials, you can rely on it to last longer and remain dependable, even in demanding environments.
  • Extended seal life: The lid’s innovative design eliminates the need for rotation during operation, significantly extending the seal’s lifespan. This means fewer replacements, reduced risk of leaks and long-term cost savings.
  • Versatile design: Our Quick Opening Closure is not limited to fixed installations. It is designed for mobile equipment, ensuring that safety and efficiency travel with you, wherever your operations take you.

Our New Safety Quick Opening Closure Rudi 2.0 is a clear choice for HSE managers and operators. Once they experience the convenience of operating a filter vessel with our closure, they will never go back to our traditional swing bolts. Check with our sales department for pricing and details.