Hatenboer opens new branch in Singapore.

Hatenboer-Water, the unique solution provider for integral water management onboard ships and platforms, has opened a branch in Singapore. Guy Heijnen, who runs the branch as managing director, has fulfilled several functions at the head office in the Netherlands since 2000, and was until recently manager of sales and water quality.

Safe Water Onboard
The strategic choice to situate the branch close to the construction locations of many of their end-user clients was inspired by the way in which the organisation arranges its service provision; aiming at the long-term, and not for ‘quick wins.’

"’We are an ambassador of the concept: Safe Water Onboard, from the source to the tap points. We are unique in this approach. The economic impact of a need to clear an offshore vessel or rig of personnel because of the bad quality of the water onboard, for example as a result of legionella, is enormous," says Willem Buijs, CEO of Hatenboer-Water.

"This is being recognised with increasing frequency by our clients, and it entails our being involved at an early stage in the design of the water installation and management systems, the disinfection systems, the pipework, the tap points, the management plans, etc. Since many new builds and retrofits take place in Asia, and because of our wish to provide expert guidance in these projects for both the shipyards and the end-users, we now have an operational base in Singapore. In addition, it is advantageous to many end-users that we have a regional basis to support their operations in that region."

Full service player
In the Netherlands, Chris Derksen took up the position of general sales manager as of 1 November. Chris Derksen, also with Hatenboer-Water for more than ten years, underlines the company philosophy of providing high-quality solutions for the supply of water: "Hatenboer-Water can fulfil the role of partner, as we have all the relevant expertise in house. Process technologists, engineers and the production department work closely together of course, and they are fully aware of the challenges with which our clients are faced. Not only in the case of new builds, but also of retrofits or at the moment that problems arise with the quality of the water on existing rigs. Worldwide, the water quality department carries out risk assessments according to the regulations applicable, to name just one example of our full service role."

The opening of the new branch was celebrated at the Offshore South East Asia (OSEA) in Singapore. Pauline Eizema, deputy head of mission at the Dutch Embassy in Singapore, carried out the official opening.