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Membrana Releases Free White Paper

Liqui-Cel® membrane contactors provider Membrana has released a white paper on Offshore Technology. Liqui-Cel membrane contactors are compact, modular devices that utilise microporous hollow-fibre membranes to remove dissolved O2 from injection water.

Their size enables the design and construction of low-weight deoxygenation systems that can be quickly adapted to meet changes in capacity requirements after installation. System weight can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional vacuum towers.

A vacuum and/or inert gas is introduced to the inside of the membrane hollow fibre while liquid flows on the outside. Because the membrane is hydrophobic it acts as an inert support that allows direct contact between a gas and a liquid phase without dispersion.

Applying a vacuum and/or inert sweep gas lowers the partial pressure of the target gas. This creates the driving force for dissolved oxygen in the liquid to transfer through the hollow fibre membrane pores. The transferred oxygen is then carried away by the vacuum pump or sweep gas.

To access the free white paper and learn more, please click here.

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