Parker Racor Marine Clean Plus+ Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is pleased to announce a new multi-purpose cleaner degreaser for marine applications.

Marine Clean Plus+ is formulated to offer an environmentally friendly and effective cleaning solution. Offered in a five-gallon pail and concentrated for dilution with water, Racor Marine Clean Plus+ is available from Racor distributors globally. The part number is 85-2031.

Unknowingly, many ships’ personnel introduce cleaning products into the bilge collection areas that inhibit the efficient operation of oil/water separators. Use of traditional cleaners and detergents may create environmental compliance issues and unnecessary maintenance expense for vessel owners.

A solution is to use advanced Parker Racor ‘liquid’ technology, Marine Clean Plus+. According to Racor engineer Gustavo Garcia: "We took the feedback from our end-user customers and implemented 21st century technology to meet their needs."

Marine Clean Plus+ is specifically formulated by Parker Racor to be compatible with oil / water separation systems. The detergent chemistry can be utilized with both fresh water and sea water wash and rinse operations, and is designed specifically for owners of Racor oil/water separation equipment (see bulletin 7882). It is an environmentally safe product that can also be used for cleaning in other areas of a vessel.

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