Solids Control Services (SCS) supplies Zone 1 decanter centrifuge-based systems and associated contracting services that are suitable for a wide range of solids control and separation applications.

Strict environmental legislation, and economic common sense, means that employing efficient and reliable waste reduction methods is more important than ever. SCS systems are ideal for the treatment of waste streams that are produced from drilling operations or industrial processes. These high-quality, Zone 1, modular systems render the constituents of these waste streams suitable for reuse, thereby reducing environmental impact and cutting waste disposal costs.

Decanter centrifuges for drilling waste management

SCS offers equipment and services for drilling waste management on a contract or rental basis.

SCS’s decanter-centrifuge is fully hydraulic and features a unique patented dual-scroll, which enables longer retention time, more efficient liquid recovery and drier solids.

SCS decanter centrifuge-based systems are used for waste processing in the oil and gas industry.
SCS also offers equipment that is designed for industrial sludge and effluent waste treatment.
SCS serves a wide variety of blue-chip customers around the world.

The SCS decanter-centrifuge has proven over two decades to be a robust, reliable and highly effective method for extracting drill cuttings and extending the useful life of a wide range of drilling fluids.

Total containment system for drilling waste management

SCS’s total containment system is available to buy or rent. This high capacity (70t/hr) system has a small footprint and low operational manning requirements. It is extremely durable and easy to service and maintain. Its proven reliability makes it an ideal choice for drilling waste management during oil and gas drilling projects.

Offshore waste management services

SCS offers services associated with drilling waste management, including:

  • Produced water filtration to remove dispersed and dissolved oil
  • Data reporting – custom-developed software to monitor mud use and loss, monitor gauge hole drilling and monitor waste movements
  • Drill cuttings project management – cuttings skips logistics, waste movements monitoring and reconciliation, and solids treatment and disposal
  • Mud recovery (sludge gulper / liquid recovery unit / pressure washer)
  • Pit cleaning (transfer pumps and pit cleaning squads)

Industrial waste treatment

SCS also offers equipment and services that are designed for industrial sludge and effluent waste treatment in industrial and environmental waste management projects. All products and services are offered on a contract or sale basis. Available equipment includes:

  • Decanter centrifuge-based separation systems (two-phase or three-phase)
  • Decanter centrifuges
  • Feed and transfer pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Disk-stack separators
  • Pre, post and water treatment units

Decanter centrifuge systems for waste processing

SCS decanter centrifuge-based systems are used for waste processing in a range of industries, including oil and gas upstream, oil and gas downstream, port reception facilities and steel production. They are also used in the treatment of a variety of hazardous waste streams, such as:

  • Crude oil sludge
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated sludge
  • Slop oil
  • Marine oil and lubricant
  • Bio-sludge
  • Effluent streams from process industries

About SCS

SCS operates across both geographic and industrial borders. Its 20 years of experience in solids control and separation in the oil and gas industry is complemented by ten years’ experience in the treatment of industrial sludge and effluent waste streams.

SCS serves a wide variety of blue-chip customers, including most major oil and gas producing companies, drilling contractors, refinery operators, steel producers, port authorities and international waste management contractors.

To find out how SCS can assist with your operations, please contact us using the details or enquiry form below.