Tecnicomar HQ

Tecnicomar designs and manufactures reverse osmosis watermakers and water purifying systems for offshore, maritime, naval, industrial and residential applications.

Ideal for oil and gas applications, Tecnicomar’s professional systems fully comply with electrical, mechanical, shock, noise and vibration levels of offshore environments.

Reverse osmosis watermakers for freshwater generation

The new Tecnicomar ECO watermakers produce up to 60% more freshwater and consume up to 35% less energy consumption than similar-sized machines.

The Tecnicomar SW8 series is designed to produce a high-quantity of fresh water starting from 2.5m³/day. Ideal for offshore platforms, jack-up rigs, bulk carriers and other types of commercial vessels, the SW8 reverse osmosis watermakers are made up of high-quality components that perfectly fit for marine applications, ensuring high-performance in continuous operation, even in adverse conditions.

Tecnicomar’s series of reverse osmosis watermakers and water desalination solutions is suitable for the offshore, maritime and naval sectors.
The company’s SW8 reverse osmosis watermakers purify water on offshore platforms such as bulk carriers and jack-up rigs.
The SW8 range has been developed to generate high levels of freshwater.
Tecnicomar’s STDC automatic reverse-osmosis system converts high quantities of seawater into freshwater.
ECOmar is a modern, environmentally friendly, sewage treatment system.
Based in Italy, Tecnicomar has a worldwide network of offices, which provide clients with localised sales and services.

These systems are equipped with an emergency recovery system, which significantly reduces power consumption, while increasing system efficiency.

The SW8 reverse osmosis watermakers also comes with an electromechanical control panel, ensuring maximum reliability in any condition. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) approved pressure vessels are made of reinforced fiberglass.

Automatic reverse-osmosis system for seawater conversion

Tecnicomar’s STDC automatic reverse-osmosis system is ideal for converting high levels of seawater into freshwater.

The STDC Special Green series is highly reliable for a non-stop continuous operation and designed to work in extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures and intense vibrations.

The watermakers are customisable according to the client’s requirements and assembled on a stainless-steel frame.

The company’s STDC freshwater generators feature an electromechanical control panel, which manages all functions.

The STDC range comes with a manual operation mode in the event of temporary power failure.

Energy-saving water desalination solutions

Tecnicomar’s Sailor Special Green series aims at reducing energy requirements for each produced litre / gallon of water.

Due to the installation of innovative membranes and process enhancements, the system generates energy savings of 35% compared with other conventional desalination equipment.

The range comes with an advanced microprocessor that manages all functions and sensors.

The Sailor Special Green system is easy-to-use and comprises high-quality components, including:

  • FDA-compliant filters
  • A high-pressure pump with ceramic plungers, and powder-coated frame, which are both made of stainless-steel
  • ASME-certified pressure vessels

The standard Sailor Special Green includes a comprehensive, ready-to-install watermaker, and an automatic pressure regulation and installation kit. It can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing and a remote control upon request.

Energy-efficient, chemical sewage treatment system

In 2004, Tecnicomar developed a new product line by launching the ECOmar chemical-type, sewage treatment plant, which is a modern patented system with automatic operation.

Certified by Lloyd’s Register and designed to treat black and grey water in compliance with MARPOL Resolutions Mepc 159 (55) and Mepc 227 (64) under the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

ECOmar treats grey and black water in compliance with international standards, and disposes dischargeable directly into the sea without solid residue. The internal chemical-physical reactions disinfect the water and reduce the sediment size, which can be discharged directly overboard. At the end of every cycle, the tank is automatically washed with seawater.

The system comprises a central body made of either AISI 316L stainless-steel or strong, compact polypropylene mounted on a stainless-steel chassis. All models are designed to work in adverse temperature and vibration conditions, and have a high level of reliability and efficiency.

The LCD electronic control panel with microprocessor automatically manages the system with low-electricity consumption. The system can also run in emergency mode, if needed. A range of specific accessories is available.

The benefits of implementing ECOmar include:

  • Pollution-free: the disinfectant liquid does not release poisonous substances
  • No residuals on board, so the installation of a sludge tank is not required
  • Easy-to-use: totally automatic with possibility to operate it manually in emergency
  • Compact: designed to work in small engine rooms
  • Versatile: available at 230V / 400V AC. Other voltages and frequencies are available

About Tecnicomar

Since 1978, Tecnicomar has supplied the maritime industry with a wide range of energy-efficient drinking water systems. They are engineered to be reliable, durable and convenient, because green technology generates 60% more of freshwater and consumes 35% less energy.

Tecnicomar currently delivers its systems worldwide through a large network of factory-trained sales personnel.

The company has also gained several certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which highlight the reliability of its high-quality management system.