Thermal fluid (‘hot oil’) heating systems are industrial systems where a special heat transfer liquid is recirculated by a pump through a fired heat exchanger used in various industrial applications. This means that efficient and accurate temperature control between 300°F and 750°F is required.

Thermal Fluid Systems (TFS) offers a broad range of products, services and support and has many years of experience in servicing the offshore and petrochemical industries.

Benefits of thermal fluid heating systems

One of the key benefits of thermal fluid systems is that a very low pressure is required to pump the liquid around the system. When designed correctly, the systems reliably and efficiently produce heat at high temperatures. They are easy to maintain, as the burner and pump are the only components that need regular maintenance.

Our knowledge in system design, important component selection, as well as using high-temperature air-cooled centrifugal pumps with a mechanical seal and bellows-sealed isolation and control valves ensure low maintenance.

Thermal Fluid Systems (TFS) provides thermal fluid heating systems and has many years of experience in servicing the offshore, hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries.
One of the advantages of using a thermal fluid heating system is its ability to operate at a very low pressure.
The sizes of the systems depend on what type of fuel is being recirculated.

Other benefits include no corrosion, accurate temperature control, high efficiency and no danger of damage from freezing when the plant is shut down.

Offshore applications of thermal fluid heating systems

TFS has employed its thermal fluid heating systems in a wide range of offshore applications such as edible oils, reactors, heat tracing, heat exchangers, as well as fuel, cargo and tank heating.

  • Heating press platens, including OSB and plywood presses, laminating presses, rubber and plastic molding presses and circuit board presses
  • Heating chemical, petrochemical and other process equipment such as reactors, heat exchangers, dryers and evaporators

The company can also develop a customized solution to meet the requirements of any indirect heating applications.

Hot oil pumps, filtering systems and components

TFS supplies the following components:

  • Electric hot oil heaters
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Konus fuel-fired thermal fluid heaters and complete systems
  • Hot oil / thermal fluid filtering systems, pumps, valves, controls, tanks, as well as heating and cooling loops
  • Replacement parts for hot oil pumps, valves, burners and controls
  • Field service, annual inspections, startup and engineering consultation
  • Process and secondary skids

Heating systems supported by German engineering technology

Drawing on the engineering backing of German technology companies who have been building and supplying thermal fluid systems for more than 40 years and our own industrial experience, we can supply a system that exactly meets specific process requirements in terms of thermal fluid flow, temperature and capacity.

We service our products and provide on-site technical service and support, perform system and control upgrades, as well as offer replacement parts from our own inventory.

Natural gas and liquid fuel thermal fluid systems

We supply systems fired by the following fuels:

  • Natural gas or any liquid fuel
  • Electric thermal fluid systems
  • Solid fuels such as wood waste or coal

The size of the systems range from electric thermal fluid systems, which start from 100kW to more than 1MW, gas or oil-fired thermal fluid systems from 500,000Btu/hr to more than 100 million Btu/hr and solid fuel thermal fluid systems from ten million to above 150 million Btu/hr.