New Features For Most Commonly Used Filtration Unit within the Oilfield Industry

TDW Unit

The Parker Twin Filter TDW Unit – Dual Vessel Cartridge/Bag Filter Unit – is the most commonly used cartridge and/or bag filter unit in the oilfield industry.

This offshore-proof, skid-mounted filter unit offers a cost-effective way to clean most common oilfield fluids and fluid-waste streams. The TDW is equipped with all necessary valves and safety features. The unit enables simultaneous filtration with one vessel, while the spent cartridges of the other vessel are changed out.

In the beginning of this year, a high-performance team placed this unit under the microscope and have looked in detail at its specifications and whether they still meet the markets demands.

This resulted in an even better filtration unit with the following additional/optional features:

  • Suitable for Fluid Group 1 (hazardous) Fluids Category 1
  • Standard CE marking
  • ATEX Compliant Zone II
  • NACE H2S service
  • Build according DNV 2.7-1: 2013 / EN12079 and certified by DNV or equivalent
  • Connections SS316L unions fig. 100 fitted with o-ring for easy and 100% leakproof sealing
  • ASME VIII design is an option

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