Slurry skid

A slurry skid is required to operate a filter press. There are two options available; a single or a double unit.

The most economical option is the single unit; however, the double unit offers several features and benefits. The double slurry skid unit uses two individual compartments that operate separately using one for pre-coat and one for dosage. This allows easier operation and switch over, and enables dual-operation of two filter presses with one double unit, resulting in minimal downtime.

To dose the dry powder into the fluid of the slurry tank on a safe way, we designed the containerised diatomaceous earth safe powder handling system. The powder dosing system is optional. The plug-and-play unit is equipped with an electric, explosion-proof dosing system that will automatically dose 25lb (11kg) of DE material with a single press of a button.

The unit can be filled onshore with large bags of DE material (also available at Parker Twin Filter) before transporting to an offshore location.