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Cold-Formed Steel and Metal Components


Brdr. Jorgensen Components

Brdr Jørgensen Components (BJC) specialises in the production and manufacture of steel and metal components by using advanced cold forming techniques.

Cold forging and deep drawing manufacturing

BJC implements advanced cold forming techniques while creating its range of components, especially stamping, cold forging and deep drawing processes. The company also actively participates in related EU-research projects.

BJC incorporates cold forging and deep drawing manufacturing processes to produce a variety of components, including:

Brdr Jørgensen Components (BJC) uses cold forming techniques, including cold forging and deep drawing, to create its metal components.
Cold forging and deep drawing are used when manufacturing large and complex parts.
BJC produces handwheels for valves and gears, and diameters range from 50mm to 1200mm.
BJC creates steel pressed and stainless-steel handwheels for industrial applications.
Specialised parts are available from BJC on the client's request.
  • Complex components
  • Large components
  • Multi-stage tooling

The company also offers specialised components.

Valve and gear handwheels

BJC produces a wide range of metal and stainless-steel handwheels for industrial gears and valves, including steel-welded variants.

The company also has customised production lines to manufacture pressed steel handwheels, as well as perform surface treatments on components.

BJC offers a large portfolio and flexible, high-quality solutions that are competitively priced.

Sheet metal forming

BJC is experienced in stamping, pressing and deep drawing of both small and large sheet metal components.

The company combines deep drawing technology with the cold forging technology to provide better solutions to its clients.

Collaborative technology development

BJC has a flexible metal production process and is continuously investing in new technology in order to provide high-quality components.

Finished components are based on BJC’s in-house technologies, and combined with other technologies supplied by sub-suppliers, which result in tailor-made solutions. These include shaped cutters, plugholes, gears and handwheels.

Additionally, BJC personnel work closely with clients to develop new products with a high-quality service.

About Brdr. Jørgensen Components

BJC has attained a high level of expertise in the area of cold forming. The company’s quality control system is certified and in full compliance with DS/EN ISO 9001:2000.

The company is an experienced player on the international markets with nearly 90% of its production being exported from its facility in Denmark.

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