Advanced Steel Components for the Industrial Sector

Noordkustlaan12-14, BE-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium

Vlassenroot is a leading manufacturer in the steel processing industry, specialising in the production of advanced components for onshore and offshore cranes, transport and construction. With more than 80 years of experience, the company has locations in Belgium, Germany and Poland.

XXL laser cutting

Vlassenroot laser-cutting machines have capacities up to 5kW, and are able to cut sheets up to 24m in length and 25mm in thickness.

All lasers are CAD-CAM controlled with five axes, and have the possibility to realise beveled edges in one step.

Steel sheet bending

The high-precision bending of extremely large steel sheets is one of the core competencies of the group. Many years of experience, skilled people and a large number of machines make Vlassenroot world leader in bending steel. The bending machines go up to 24m length and up to a force of 4000t.

Welding and laser-hybrid welding

Vlassenroot possesses the most modern welding equipment and more than 300 skilled welders with the necessary qualifications, as well as welding robots. Its Poland-based welders are committed to delivering large, highly complicated products on time, without compromising on safety and quality. Critical welds are tested by ultrasound or X-ray.

The company has a laser-hybrid welding installation in Germany, as well as automated welding equipment with a reach of 15m for external and internal welding.

Component welding, processing and painting

Vlassenroot’s factories are equipped with the latest processing facilities. Large-sized and complex components are welded, mechanically processed and painted in Germany or Poland. Finished products are then sent to the customer for final assembly.

Mechanical processing

The company’s Poland facilities are equipped with three processing stations. Two have surface areas of more than 80m², and a third more than 240m². The stations also have CNC-controlled turning and milling heads.

Vlassenroot has expertise in the production methods necessary to work with extremely hard and/or strong steel. The company works with a wide range of different steel qualities, and has built up an expertise working with high-strength steel up to 1,300MPa.

Project management

The management of a project requires other technical skills. At Vlassenroot, a project manager organises and manages the resources that are necessary to complete the project. The whole production process is organised and monitored in close cooperation with the customer. The company has completed successful projects with applications that include cranes, frames, lifting devices, portal equipment and pipe-laying-utilities, etc.

Certified steel processing

Vlassenroot has quality management systems in place to protect staff and to provide the highest quality for its customers. These include:

  • ISO 9001
  • EN-ISO 3834-3
  • EN 15085
  • DIN 18800-7
  • EN 1090

Processes are subject to quality control, documentation and traceability of materials. Quality control is guaranteed.

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