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Aquasign’s Silver Anniversary

The first version of Aquasign® was sold in 1985 by Blacksmith Chemicals, a Shell joint venture. Shell is no longer involved in the manufacture or marketing of Aquasign markers with Champion Environ having acquired the rights to the technology in 1998.

Although still retaining its key attributes, Champion Environ’s Aquasign product range is far leaner and greener 25 years on with the development of thinner markers and eco-friendly adhesives.

To celebrate and show case Aquasign markers history we invited its inventor, Mr Brian Shone, to visit our manufacturing facility. Brian joined Shell Research as a metallurgist and worked for them for 34 years. His professional career began in the field of tribology which is the interaction of physics, materials and chemistry. Gradually he became more involved in the problems encountered by the marine and offshore industries and was appointed leader of the team responsible for providing the Shell Group with technical expertise on most aspects of corrosion.

In 1987 he was the recipient of the silver medal of the Institute of Marine Engineers for his work in this area and later awarded the Guy Bengough Medal and prize. Between 1985 and 1988 he was the chairman of the Marine Working Party of the European Federation of Corrosion. Following this he worked as an adviser in both the Far East and Europe.

In the course of Brian’s career he published numerous scientific papers and was named as the inventor on several Shell patents.

During his visit Brian entertained our staff with tales from his experience over the years, the invention of the Aquasign and Aquatect™ concepts and the challenges overcome in sourcing suitable materials.

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