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Subsea Markers, Anti-Fouling Signs, Oilfield Nameplates and Underwater Adhesives

AQUASIGN specialise in the manufacture of asset identification solutions, designed to enhance safety and reduce operational costs throughout project lifespans.

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AQUASIGN specialise in the manufacture of asset identification solutions, designed to enhance safety and reduce operational costs throughout project lifespans. We are the recognised experts in oilfield signage as we work with our clients to design bespoke products to meet their project needs – both topside and subsea.

AQUASIGN is a subsidiary within the Nalco Champion and Ecolab corporate portfolio, previously known as Champion Environmental Technologies.

Aquasign® – environmentally friendly subsea identification

Our core business Aquasign® is a silicone based subsea anti-fouling marking system that mimics fish skin, using a controlled oil release system and hydrophobic surface to prevent bio-fouling at the lowest level.

Aquasign® underwater identification markers are marine growth-resistant, therefore remain highly visible to divers and ROVs throughout the design life of subsea structures. Its anti-fouling performance not only enhances safety, but also provides considerable operational cost savings over a project lifespan by assisting subsea maintenance and inspections.

Aquasign is our anti-fouling underwater marking solution, providing highly visible identification, orientation and position markings for all types of subsea assets.
Aquasign markers are completely unique, and manufactured bespoke to each customer's project requirements.
KISS® is our revolutionary self-adhesive fixing solution, designed to reduce the installation time and offers an exceptional 60-year guarantee.
Shield II markers are encased in robust polycarbonate frames to provide an extremely tough and durable solution, offering protection from accidental damage.
Aquasign retrofit solution utilising rare-earth magnets that each have a holding force excess of 100lb - designed for easy installation by ROV or diver.
Spring Clip fixings are used to install Aquasign markers onto tubular-sectioned objects such as pipes, umbilicals, flowlines and risers by ROV or diver.
Biohesive 225 is a single component RTV silicone adhesive designed for seawater-resistant bonding.
The Aquaplate design is extremely flexible, including size, orientation, shape, surface coating and the fixing method required.

Aquasign® is therefore utilised worldwide to ensure the clear identification of:

  • Subsea structures: location, position and orientation
  • Valves: location and position indicators
  • Component and intervention interface
  • Status of respective equipment
  • ROV markings

Aquasign® has been installed on more than 800 oilfield projects worldwide, and has a track record excess of 30 years. The antifouling labels are highly adaptable to meet customer’s needs, including a range of subsea adhesive and retrofit fixing solutions available that have undergone third-party technical verification. For more information on Aquasign®, view our product pages.

Oilfield signage – identification and certification nameplates

Our internal manufacturing facility now houses equipment used to produce a range of offshore signage.

We manufacture an alternative to flame-cut nameplates, utilising CNC milling and waterjet cutting equipment to produce Aquaplates that are suitable for topside and subsea applications.

We have a range of in-house equipment available to suit all equipment identification requirements, including certification plates, safety signs, etched nameplates and printed / engraved plastic labels.

Subsea adhesives

AQUASIGN also offer innovative adhesives that have been specially formulated and tested for long-term performance subsea.

Aquasign client portal

Aquasign® is the leading solution in the subsea industry as our product is unique.

We recently developed our new client portal to showcase AQUASIGN’s expertise in antifouling nameplates and topside signage, both to new and existing clients.

Content includes detailed product specifications including the fixing solutions available, as well as downloadable documents such as testing reports, performance guarantee, datasheets, installation guides and videos, our track record and company certification.

To gain access to our exclusive portal, simply register today at Alternatively our new brochure can be downloaded from the White Papers section.

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