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AQUASIGN and NHC Collaborate

Aquasign and National Hyperbaric Centre collaborates on a new test tank.

AQUASIGN, the leading supplier of asset identification solutions, recently teamed up with National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) in an exciting project where subsea markers were installed into their state-of-the-art outdoor test tank.

The marker designs featured include the standard yellow and black AQUASIGN logo, as well as the NHC logo in red, blue and white.

Housed in Aberdeen, UK, the 900,000l test tank facilitates the deployment of subsea equipment such as ROVs for testing, whilst offering a safe diving environment for training or manned trials. The NHC aim to improve the standard of subsea safety worldwide by ensuring equipment and divers are prepared for the oilfield operations to come.

NHC offers a range of services to the subsea and diving industries worldwide, including training courses, pressure testing, consulting and emergency services. Similar to AQUASIGN, their focus is on enhancing safety subsea, which includes applying experience of extreme offshore environments to their in-house testing and training facilities.

AQUASIGN’s focus is on maintaining safety during subsea intervention, by offering highly visible underwater marker systems that are guaranteed for up to 80 years. Marine growth has huge commercial significance in the industry and poses risks to divers when vital asset identification becomes obscured. Aquasign® markers however, utilises unique anti-fouling technology that prevents marine growth and ensures quick location of equipment whilst minimising the length of time spent during intervention.

AQUASIGN are proud to now be associated with the ‘Centre of Excellence for Subsea Safety’ and will continue to support the industry by promoting a safe working environment subsea.

For more information, please contact AQUASIGN.

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