Bridon manufactures expertly engineered steel wire ropes, cables and synthetic fibre ropes, for offshore applications, including:

  • Drill lines
  • Marine riser tensioners
  • Floating production mooring systems
  • Fibre MODU tethers
  • Steel anchor lines
  • Off-take mooring systems including Single Point Moorings (SPMs)
  • Crane ropes
  • Ultra deep water, low-rotation A&R winch lines
  • Low rotation, crush resistant, multistrand ropes for ultra deepwater deployment

Bridon provides a complete solution with comprehensive in-house engineering, dedicated project management and on-site service expertise, to help optimise all aspects of your application needs, throughout design, specification, manufacture, supply, commissioning and maintenance.

Manufactured to the highest levels of quality, our products are available with a range of certifications, including ISO 9000/1, American Petroleum Institute (API), Bureau Veritas (Quality system), Lloyds and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Drill lines

Bridon’s conventional six-strand drill lines deliver excellent ton-mile performance. The pinnacle of drill line performance is provided by our unique Bristar® core drilling lines, which offer:

Floating production mooring systems.
Offshore crane ropes.
Deepwater deployment winches.
Marine riser tensioners.
Calm buoy / offtake mooring.
Knuckle boom.
Specialist heavy load cranes.
  • Excellent resistance to wear
  • Even load distribution
  • Reduced internal friction
  • Increased bend fatigue
  • Improved torsional stability
  • Contamination and corrosion protection of rope core

Marine riser tensioners (MRT)

The constant cycling of riser tensioner ropes over sheaves demands that ropes used for this application are flexible and highly-resistant to wear. Bristar® core ropes deliver superior performance and set the standard for riser tensioner applications.

Ultra deepwater deployment

The Hydra Plus range provides crush-resistant rope designs with extremely low-rotational characteristics, which are ideal for deep sea deployment from multilayer winch or knuckle boom cranes.

Market-leading rope lengths and diameters available from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Bridon Neptune Quay, enable deeper reserves to be reached and the large 650t rope packages to be loaded directly to vessels from the factory quayside.

Ultra deep water single-layer winch lines

As deeper water operations increase, suspended rope weight impacts severely on available winch capacity. Optimised robust performance with minimised weight is provided by the Hydra-One rope range.

The Hydra-One range is ideal for single-layer traction winch applications typical to pipelaying abandonment and recovery (A&R) equipment.

Crane ropes

For offshore crane applications, it is critical to use a rotation-resistant crane rope, which ensures the load does not spin when hoisted from the work boats. Bridon’s high-performance Endurance™ crane ropes incorporate an anti-rotation feature by using three layer torsionally balanced rope constructions. The outer strands are compacted to increase the breaking load and the wires are galvanised for corrosion protection.

Floating production mooring systems

Bridon’s specialist fibre tethers and high-strength steel cables for permanent mooring of floating production facilities offer a range of properties to ensure the suitable solution for your specific requirements.

Bridon’s in-house engineering expertise can provide custom-designed connection hardware. Our dedicated project management team will oversee all aspects of your mooring system project including, but not limited to, design, manufacture, QA and QC requirements, shipping and handling of large package weights, on-site installation and handling advice.

Off-take mooring systems

Bridon offers a comprehensive design package tailored to suit individual location requirements for Single Point Moorings (SPMs) and Tandem Off-loading Systems.

Packages include chafe chains, support buoys, shackles and fittings and are based on our high-quality specialist fibre ropes. Bridon Superline Nylon and Viking Braidline Nylon Super Hawser offer a higher strength-to-weight ratio than conventional constructions and both are fully compliant with OCIMF Guidelines for the purchasing and testing of SPM Hawsers.

High-strength anchor lines

Bridon’s high-strength steel anchor line products are robust and offer excellent abrasion and crush resistance to optimise performance on winches and sheaves. A proprietary blocking and lubrication medium assist towards the necessary corrosion resistance with the additional benefit of a drawn galvanised finish.

Fibre MODU tethers

Bridon Superline offers a high strength-to-weight ratio facilitating a lightweight anchoring solution perfect for fibre MODU tether applications. The construction incorporates an increased thickness braided jacket to provide a level of protection for improved handling performance.

Total service solutions

Bridon service technicians and engineers are experts in wire and fibre rope and have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of rope management, including statutory rope examination and inspection.

Bridon on-site services provide a comprehensive range of inspection solutions to help clients maintain compliance with statutory obligations and maximise safety and rope service life.