Advanced Insulation Systems and Movevirgo have successfully completed the contract to supply C.TAG/® their advanced subsea markers for a gravity base structure (GBS) in Eastern Russia. Movevirgo previously manufactured the subsea marker system used on the Sakhalin II Lunskoye Field Platform A project in 2005, a similar GBS.

The contract involved manufacturing over 350 C.TAG/® markers which will be used on the GBS to mark subsea pipes, equipment, return lines, risers, J-tubes and caisson walls. The project specification called for 900mm by 150mm and 880mm by 410mm markers in both English and Russian language, many of which were supplied pre-drilled for bolting to the pre cast anchors in the concrete GBS. Other markers were fixed using a proprietary strapping system.

The technology behind the non-toxic, anti-fouling performance of C.TAG/® subsea markers is achieved by the production of a low-surface energy face on the marker. This is the result of extensive research and development into both the base materials and their moulding performance coupled with a patented manufacturing process owned by Movevirgo’s parent company. The use of a low surface energy face means that no biocides are required to give the antifouling performance allowing C.TAG/® to be used in environmentally sensitive areas with no risk to the marine environment.

C.TAG/® subsea markers can be used for a wide range of subsea applications, including identification, asset tagging, positioning, orientation, valve actuation indication, lifecycle support, and most importantly ROV support.