Advanced Insulation Systems are now supplying C.TAG® high-visibility, non-toxic, anti-fouling underwater markers to the subsea oil and gas industry. Movevirgo are proud to announce that Advanced Insulation Systems has signed an exclusive global licence rights agreement for C.TAG and will be supplying to all the operators and contractors within the oil and gas sector to meet the growing demand for underwater markers within the offshore industry. C.TAG products include:

  • Non-toxic, anti-fouling underwater markers
  • Marine-friendly underwater markers
  • Long-lasting underwater markers

Underwater markers for subsea applications

C.TAG underwater markers can be used for a wide range of subsea applications, including identification, positioning, orientation, lifecycle support, ROV support and AUV support, and can be installed with Advanced Insulation Systems’ fully trained team of fitters. C.TAG underwater markers have the following benefits:

  • Damage tolerance
  • Withstand extreme pressure
  • Withstand high and low temperatures
  • Total environmental lifecycle support
  • Varied choice of specification
  • Huge variety of fixing methods
  • Adhesive comes in two-part packs ranging from 125g to 1kg

Advanced Insulation Systems’ other products include:

Phenolic fire protection and subsea insulation and insulation jackets

For many years, Advanced Insulation Systems has manufactured advanced solutions for passive phenolic fire protection (ContraTherm JF 120), phenolic subsea insulation (ContraTherm Subsea), and Lloyds-approved flexible jet-fired rated insulation jackets (ContraFlex) for the worldwide oil and gas sector at its ISO 9001: 2000 facility in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, UK.

Advanced Insulation Systems offer high-visibility, non-toxic, anti-fouling C.TAG underwater markers, which can be used for a wide range of subsea applications.

Advanced Insulation Systems is committed to ensuring quality in the manufacture, supply and application of insulation and fire proofing products and services. This is backed by a corporate culture of safety and environmental responsibility, with a proven track record of experience with many major companies, operators and contractors.